Want To Start a Tech-Based Business? Here’s How To Start

Starting a tech-based business is not as rosy as the Television portrays it to be. You’ve got to put in a whole bunch of research, sweat, tears and blood. It doesn’t just come easy!

So, what are some of the things you need to start a tech-based business?

tech business startup team

Surround yourself with technicians

Starting a tech-based business when you are not a technician, a developer or an engineer is a Herculean task. For you to gain some knowledge and understanding of what you are just about to get yourself in, you need some inspiration.

Being close to developers helps you to learn a thing or two about software development and the stages it has to go through.

Similarly, a banter with experts in the field could help you learn to answer questions from investors and engage future employees.

You should even attend some classes so that you familiarize yourself with the technical part of the business. You should not aim to be an expert but just have a clear understanding of what the business entails.

Go for consistency over uniqueness

Consistency of quality scores higher, in most instances, over uniqueness. People love consistency. Your services should be streamlined in a manner that just makes it predictable and dependable.

At some point, you will have to find programmers that could actually transform your business idea into a profit-making venture.

Have flexible timelines

If you are going to start a new business, you will have to be patient with yourself so as not to lose your head. Setting rigid timelines only work against you as it could wear you down and make you lose your sanity.

For example, if in your blue-print you project your business to hit the ground running in the next six months, you should either double or even triple that time-period.

In so doing, you are able to take stock of whatever you are doing, do a few adjustments here and there and start over again in the right direction.

Many a times, tech-preneurs find themselves having to change tack and their overall approach of the business start-up. This is usually because not all businesses conceived in the brain are viable when the rubber finally meets the road.

Being flexible makes you survive the vagaries that come with change in business models.

Investor pitch

Start chasing Investors

The key to finally developing a viable profit-making business in most part lies in your ability to convince and win investors to your side. Once you learn how to network, lobby and take advantage of every opportunity you have to pitch your idea, things will start to take shape.

As you go about this, never rule out the possibility of investors who declined your offers from getting back on. Remember, Steve Jobs was start-up idea was rejected several times.

Right now, it is the brand everyone else wants to be associated with. Keep a list and contact those investors often.

Engage your potential clients

Because the whole tech business is about customers, never lose the opportunity to engage your customers. Ask them what improvements they would like to see in your tech business or which inefficiencies should just be done away with.

This feedback is always important as it ensures you maintain industry standards even as you wait for a breakthrough.


As a tech start-up, you need to develop a productivity routine. You should minimize the amount of time you are spending behind the screens and allocate much more meeting people, attending conferences and getting fresh ideas from established brands.

The secret is always to keep yourself updated and go for what you want to see your business morph into.