Mission statement: Guiding business people to change their mindset about business and entrepreneurship via expert opinions and first-hand experience.

Biz Penguin is a small business blog offering everything small biz: News, tips, ideas and reviews. I talk about everything small business, including online business, freelancing and everything in between – from my very own experience.

My focus is on personal development, as I acknowledge that small business is all about attitude and mindset; with all the limitations small businesses have, especially in the funding department, what can make small biz thrive is the human resources – and the owner(s)…

Why yet another business blog?

I understand that there are literally thousands of business blogs on the web. Although the number of blogs are overwhelming, only a handful of them are quality ones; most are simply sub-par.

Most business blogs offer tips and ideas that have been covered by thousands others; only a few which are exceptional, offering unique insight and opinions that can appeal wide array of audience, from business enthusiasts to well-seasoned business owners.

Who’s behind Biz Penguin?

My name is Ivan Widjaya. I build websites, mainly blogs – and make them profitable. I am also an online influencer, helping other businesses to get buzz from the web, mainly social media.

Some of my web properties include Noobpreneur.com (small business online magazine,) CBRdigital.com (cloud computing business blog) and OnSMB.com (small business talks.)

Why… Penguin?

Um… perhaps it sounds weird, but I name this blog Biz Penguin because I am a bit obsessed with Google Penguin updates.

Google Penguin updates are Google’s major – and controversial – search engine algorithm update that tumbles online business world upside down; The updates are purposed to weed out sites that over-optimize their link building activities in such a way that they spam the web – with the purpose of giving better surfing experience for Google search engine users.

I am a web business owner, managing hundreds of web properties – dozens of them are blogs. As most of my web properties are websites relying on content to attract visitors, I am somehow depending a bit too much on Google for sending in traffic.

To cut long story short, many of my websites were hit by the updates, losing ranks and traffic. I am pushed to do things better so I can be competitive.

My purpose with this business blog is to promote changes just like Google Penguin updates do: Many won’t like it, but some will be motivated to do things better.

“Weird” story aside, I am particularly fond of the behaviour of penguins: They are loyal and monogamous; they are great hunters despite their physical limitations; they share egg incubation responsibilities; they are not afraid of humans; and so on.

In fact, there are business lessons we can learn from the penguins.

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