5 Tips to Improve the eCommerce Customer Experience

eCommerce shopping is taking the world by storm. Not only are small businesses embracing online and eCommerce shopping, but big box stores, like Best Buy and Sam’s Club are converting their former retail space into fulfillment centers for eCommerce shopping. In order for your business to stand out from the crowds of websites offering eCommerce, it is vitally important that your customers have the most positive and effortless shopping experience they can.

eCommerce customer review

1. Add Customer Reviews

Reading customer reviews and testimonials will inspire confidence in the shopper. Reviews can help the shopper trust that the product they will be purchasing will meet their expectations. Many successful business owners with eCommerce shopping options find that having customer reviews right up front, with clear visibility, have excellent customer engagement and ROI. Positive consumer reviews help to improve the overall shopping experience.

2. Have an Efficient Checkout Process

Once your customer has filled their shopping cart with your products, be sure that the checkout process is effortless. If the customer has to spend time searching for checkout buttons, or the page needs to continually reload, the shopper may abandon your website in pursuit of another website that offers a seamless checkout process. Be sure to offer several payment options and make those options clearly visible to the customer. Make sure your payment service is secure and have the shopping cart clearly visible on all pages at all times.

3. Have a Robust eCommerce Platform

Nothing will make a potential customer leave your website faster than a slow-loading, clunky website. Be sure that your website is built on a robust platform that allows photos of your products and services to quickly load up. In addition, be sure that your eCommerce website is mobile friendly. In a study by Google, it was discovered that over 50 percent of mobile users would leave the page if it didn’t load within three seconds. In order to keep shoppers on your page, whether mobile or not, have a modern and robust platform for your website.

Sending email newsletters

4. Send Personalized Emails

Surprise your customers with a personalized email thanking them for their purchase. Keep the email friendly, happy, upbeat, and authentic! If time allows in your business, write a little hand-written note and add it to the product. Small personalized gestures such as personalized emails and notes can greatly elevate the customer experience encouraging them to return and share their wonderful experience with others.

5. Create Captivating Product Pages

When shopping online, the customer is drawn to the product with stunning visual imagery and text that connects them emotionally to the product. Using pictures, show the shopper how to use the product and write descriptive copy on how the product can benefit them. When writing the copy, be very specific as to what the product is and how it can help improve the viewers’ lives. If the consumer can visualize using the product, they can connect with it emotionally which usually leads to a sale.

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By following these tips, your customers will have a positive eCommerce shopping experience and return to your webpage time and time again to continue purchasing products or services from you.