Why Video Conferencing Software Can Improve Your IT Team’s Overall Productivity

When you are in the field of information technology, you have to be on your feet at all times, because so much can change in the blink of an eye. Back in the day, computers were the size of entire rooms, and could only solve simple equations using punch cards. Now, they can do so much more than that, such as processing heavy multimedia, crunching heavy numbers, and even allowing you to talk to another person from all the way across the globe, all using machines that literally fit in the palm of your hand.

With the ability to talk to anybody and everybody no matter what continent they happen to live or work in, it should come as no surprise that technology such as video conferencing is something that you can take advantage of for your own IT team.

Using video conferencing software

If for some reason you are still not convinced that your company or team would need a video call platform of your own, then here are a few benefits that you can gain, all of which would lead to higher productivity rates for you and your employees.

1. You Can Send Files Easily So There’s No More Running Around

If your employees hate having to constantly move around the office to get anything done, then they are going to love having a solution to that. Now, they will not even have to leave their desks just so that they can share their new knowledge with each other and brainstorm new ideas for whatever project they have been assigned to do. All that they have to do is click a button and they will instantly be able to talk to everybody in the group in real time, all while hearing each person’s voice and seeing each person’s body language at the same time.

According to ShoutMeLoud, a smile can show the other person that you truly care about what they are talking about, which can work wonders for employee engagement. Plus, they can also send each other files within that kind of app, so that eliminates the need to switch from one program to another just to show somebody something for reference.

2. Everyone Can Now Participate in a Meeting Even if They’re Far Away

Have you ever had to work with somebody who lives all the way across the globe from you, only to find out that you forgot to tell them something important during that one and only time you got to meet him or her in person?

With the use of a business video conferencing software for IT, all you would have to do is to call them up with the press of a button, and you would be able to clarify anything that needs to be resolved within minutes instead of the hours it would take just to visit them. You could call them on the phone, too, but it is so much easier to solve problems when you can visually see what the issue is, thanks to features such as the ability to share screens and send over files in a jiffy.

Video conferencing

3. You Can Troubleshoot Any IT Problems More Quickly and Efficently

Nothing can be more frustrating than going about your usual tasks, only for your computer to suddenly hang up, with all of your faithful programs crashing on you, without a saved file or back-up in sight. In fact, this problem is all too common, and trying to get back on your feet can cost your company even more time and money.

According to an article by Joe Stanganelli for the website Information Week Network Computing, computer downtime could cost an average midsize company around $1 million per year, while it would cost a much larger company an additional $60 million a year. That’s a lot of money to pay, so while making sure your equipment does not break down in any way, shape, or form is your first priority, having your dedicated IT team be ready to respond to issues and resolve them quickly is one thing that you should also bump up to the top of your list.


These are only a few of the reasons why a video conference and communication software can give your IT team a huge advantage over the competition. There is just nothing that can beat being able to see and hear the other person on the end of the line, but it can really be a hassle to have to work out a schedule that works for both people to meet up physically each and every time. Thus, these kinds of solutions are a godsend in the digital age, ensuring that you still are able to clearly communicate your needs while saving a lot of time and effort for all of the parties involved.