Top Business Apps for People on the Go

If your work requires a lot of traveling and you are on the road all the time, you need to have all your business-related things ready at all times. This includes a lightweight suitcase full of already packed clothes, a laptop and/or a tablet, a phone and a phone charger and a briefcase filled with your most important documents. In addition to these, however, there is also one more thing that modern businesspeople on the go simply cannot imagine their lives without – a number of mobile apps.

Copying notes with Evernote app
photo credit: Evernote / Flickr

From the ones that will help your organize your trip and book a seat at a plane to those that recommend where you should stay and what the weather will be like, business apps are a must in today’s world. Therefore, here are a few of those, ready to be taken with you on your next trip.

Evernote, Skype and TripIt app screenshots


When looking for a reliable source that will inform you about your flight, hotel and meetings, there is no point installing three separate apps. With TripIt, users get all of this and much more due to its simplified access and handling. There are a lot of travel apps out there – too many, it may seem – but only a few are as easy to use as this one. Finally, it can also be synced with your e-mail account so you can simply forward your itinerary to it and let TripIt take it from there.


This is probably the most well-known software that allows you free messaging and video calls and is still irreplaceable. The number of its Android users has passed half a billion, which only shows that you cannot imagine a modern person on the go without it. The only thing you need is a good Internet connection and you can use it on all mobile platforms – Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc.


One of the features of a successful businessperson is that they always keep track of what they do and who they meet. That is why having a trustworthy note-taking app is essential when you are traveling all over the place. What Evernote does is not only take your notes and organize your thoughts, but it also imports stuff from the Internet, captures images, works well with Office tools and, in short, does everything a good personal assistant would. Ultimately, it is free and compatible with Android, BlackBerry and iOS devices.

Trippeo, Uber and XE Currency app screenshots/p>


One of the things most people generally do not pay attention to while travelling on business is paying various expenses – with so many meetings and so little sleep, who has time to think about petty finances? Well, a good expense tracking app does. Trippeo users can stop worrying about tracking down every single bill and payment, and focus their energy on work instead. This iOS/Android app calculates what you have spent, automatically connects to your bank account and reports all expenses back to you.


This is probably the most talked-about free iOS/Android app in the world at the moment – is it bad, is it good, does it steal customers from local taxi companies, does it enable absolute freedom to everyone, etc. With different opinions formed on TV, the Internet and everywhere around us – even Jimmy Kimmel uses Uber both as a passenger and a driver – just keeps getting more and more hyped. And its philosophy is so simple: you need a ride, book a car and let the app pay instead of you. This means no waiting, no shabby taxis, no cash transactions and no hustle. This all is a great help when you are in a hurry – and which businessperson is not?

XE Currency

When in a foreign country, you need to know how much you are spending – and how are you going to do that if you do not convert currencies? XE Currency is a handy and free app compatible with all mobile systems that does this for you. Tracking daily changes of almost two hundred currencies, it will prove to be an invaluable help when calculating how much something costs anywhere in the world. Additionally, for more financially-oriented people, this is a great option since it follows currency-related news and shows a track record of a particular currency.

Other Options

It is needless to say that modern apps are now more versatile than ever and there is a suitable app for everything. However, do not rely on too many apps when on a business trip because they will distract you from your work and unnecessarily tire you.