These 3 Cloud-based Communication Platforms Are Great for Remote Teams

Large multi-national corporations might have numerous branches all around the world with different time zones. When you need to resolve a business issue in real-time, then you might try cloud-based communication platforms. These can be particularly useful when customers can respond in a matter of seconds to the latest news on Twitter using their smart phones, your business must incorporate this same technology into your work flow.

Remote working in the cloud

Your clients expect you to be agile and on-top of all of the latest developments. If you are starting a business or want to look at ways to enhance your business communication, you might want to tap into the following cloud-based communication platforms to better coordinate your global team.

1. Comprehensive Bitrix24 Solutions

Bitrix24 screenshot

Versatility may be one of the key advantages of the United States-based Bitrix24 cloud-based communications platform. The platform can offer you a vast array of features that help you to work and collaborate more effectively and efficiently.

Started in 1998, there are now more than 700,000 organizations that benefit from the platform. Since it was founded, Bitrix24 offers free services to start-ups with fewer than a dozen users (5 GB storage). There are two paid plans offering unlimited users, storage and access, customized logos and metrics reporting. The communications options are video chat, IM or PSTN. Bitrix24 is great if you want all of the widgets.

2. Flow Dock Improves Logistics

Flow Dock screenshot

If you need a more simplistic solution, then Finland-based Flow Dock might be your answer. It’s a team collaboration app for any devices your business may have – desktop, mobile or web-based.

Flow Dock is free for up to five non-profit users. The paid plans are very affordable. There are more than 80 integrated applications; users can use Google + Hangouts video chat or Screenhero. Flow Dock guarantees 99.5% up-time rates in its contracts.

3. Wrike Big Picture

Wrike screenshot

Superior overviews of work management processes, achievements and milestones are the focus of United States-based Wrike. You can view individual work, dashboard, stream or folders to follow the progress of your most important projects. There are three pricing plans to choose from: Free for fewer than 5 users, Professional allows 5 to 15 users and Enterprise permits an unlimited number of users. Wrike won the 2014 Gartner “Cool Vendor for Social Software and Collaboration” Award.


The reality is that some of these smaller cloud-based communication platform developers are more innovative and flexible than the big guys. These cloud-based platforms provide fast processing speeds and a wide array of features for staying connected – just the way today’s nimble businesses need.

Out-source your work management by leveraging the resources of the World Wide Web to save money and compete in real-time.