Subway Contest: Build Your Own Virtual Store!

While browsing the web, I’ve stumbled on a Twitter update from Joel Libava about a contest. I’m not normally checking on contests, but since it’s related to the industry I have involved in the past, franchising, I check it out anyway. You know what, I stumble on something really cool (agreed, Joel!)

subway virtual store contest

The contest is launched by Young and Successful Media, and their partner is Subway – together, they launched The Virtual Build Your Own Subway Challenge.

The idea behind the contest is brilliant: As the name implies, it’s gamification in action – it’s an “online game” launched globally to 100 countries. The contest has started in January 29, 2013 and will end on March 12, 2013.

What’s in it for you? Well, you will have a chance to win 1 to 5 trips to the US to meet Subway owner, Fred DeLuca – with all-expense paid, not mentioning an opportunity to work for, with or even start your own business with Subway. Woot!

The goal of the contest is to attract “players” from all over the world to set up and launch their very own Subway store. They will need to choose the store location, learn about the business, earn bonuses by achieving goals and completing challenges, and promote your virtual Subway store to drive traffic.

This cool idea is coming from Young and Successful Media’s Jennifer Kushell, who has worked hard for 2 years for this very idea.

How things work?

First off, you need to register (it’s free!)

You will need to choose the location for your business, the store size you are interested in, share your ideas if you owned a Subway franchise unit, add your photos and that’s all.

Then, real deal begins: You will be given a virtual startup capital of $20,000. As you have finished setting up, your next task is to get the buzz to your “store”. You can share your store’s link to your social media accounts.

There are actually 6 challenges you need to complete during the contest:

  1. Grand Opening Challenge: Completed if you are filling the details properly during the signup process.
  2. Video Submission: You will need to create a video to promote you and your store.
  3. About My Store: You will need to explain your decisions in #1.
  4. Facts & Figures
  5. Big Boss Interview
  6. Word of Mouth Challenge

I assume you will collect bonuses during the course of the contest when you have completed the challenges – the amount would be varies depending on how well you do each challenge.

What’s in it for Subway?

Subway was co-founded by Fred DeLuca when he was 17 year-old. So, he understands how such contest will give opportunity to young people to test the entrepreneurship and franchising water. Even Subway’s more successful franchisees are young entrepreneurs.

For me, what Subway will benefit the most is in term of branding and information.

This kind of contest has strong viral potential, supported by in-game goals and challenges that involve getting your friends and family to help you promote your virtual store. This will boost Subway’s branding and educate people about Subway as a product and business. Furthermore, Subway will get valuable information from participants with regard to ideas, location tips and so on.

For sure, gamification is a great, innovative way to get business brand/product/services plenty of attention. Add social aspects of the game, you will get engagement and buzz – win, win, win!

Do you have what it takes? Will you register and show the world that you are a franchise material?