The Secret of Running a Reputable Business Blog

Are you interested in establishing a business blog? Good for you – to me, a biz blog is one of the best web properties you can own and run. The problem is, there are thousands of good business blogs around you need to compete with. So, how to stand above the rest, even if you are not a business expert or A-list blogger?

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Business blogs are here to stay. I can’t understand those who say that blogs are dead. Some experts say that social media makes blogs obsolete – well, perhaps they are half-right. I think social media has transformed blog; your 100-word blog posts might not be appealing anymore – such content has been taken a good care of by Facebook and friends.

What interest people, in my own observation, are 2 things: Authoritative opinions and expert tips. 600-word of persuading people to agree on an issue is something that attracts readers; 600-word of tips on how to make you a better person – individually and professionally – is still something that interest readers.

The bottom line, blogs have transformed into a place where you can get valuable insight and practical/detailed tips you can’t get on social media. Business blogs share the same trait.

I run some blogs; I don’t see myself as an expert, but I know I do something right and will continue to refine my strategies and tactics. Meanwhile, let me share 3 secrets to business blog and blogging.

Are you ready? Here they go:

1. You don’t have to be an avid blogger – borrow others’ expertise

Oh, boy – I will get some reaction on this 🙂 But I take the risk to shed you the truth.

Blogs often portray the bloggers; blogs are bloggers’ precious online “diary.” That’s why pro-bloggers succeed: They share – in details – how they can be successful at something (i.e. how blogging can give me $40,000/month, how I build a $100 million dollar business etc.) They typically have strong tribe (community of like-minded followers.)

If you are neither a pure blogger nor a business public figure (I know I’m not!) – not mentioning your so-so blogging skills (I am a so-so blogger) – you need to leverage available resources to compete.

As you might have already known, blogs are content-driven; if your blog posts suck, your entire blog sucks. Luckily, there are plenty of talented bloggers who are eager to write for you – paid or not. Why don’t you let them write for you on your blog?

My blogs are typically run by partner bloggers or guest bloggers. I still write blog posts (like this one,) but I don’t write as much on my blogs as before. One of my main blogs is run largely by partners and guest bloggers.

The two major benefits: You can focus on your other web properties and your biz blog will enjoy a strong appeal in the market if you decide to sell it, as personal business blogs tend to be a problem when they change ownership; indeed, I start a business with an end in mind 🙂

2. Have your guest bloggers endorse the blog posts with credentials

If you are a well-known business expert, owner or executive, your reputation speaks by itself – your blog will get much help from your reputation and credential. Some example would be Michael Hyatt’s blog, Neil Patel’s QuickSprout, and many more.

However, what if you are someone who is under the radar?

Of course, quality speaks by itself; however, if you want to push your business blog to the next step, you need “endorsement.”

Experienced freelance writers can definitely craft high quality blog posts. However, they are not typically helping you with their credentials. If you want to enhance your business blog reputation, you need business owners, professionals and experts to “endorse” you. The best way to do it is by accepting guest posts coming from people with credentials – it’s all in the byline.

For example, “The article is written by Ms. Smith, the CEO of ABC Inc. She has recently published a best-selling business book, titled XYZ.” will boost your credibility more than “This article is written by Ms. Smith, a freelance writer who is passionate about business and entrepreneurship.”

3. Network with business people and entrepreneurs and blog about them or their business

Business networking is crucial for business blog owners, too. Whether you like it or not, you need to build relationship with fellow bloggers/blog owners… and the media.

Promote your blog and your blog posts on social media. Don’t forget to let everybody know if a blog post is written by someone influential. Just like #2 above, this will help with your blog post’s credibility – this time, on social media.

Here’s one strategy to get you noticed: Write about a product or service which has helped you immensely.

Please note, don’t sell anything or do sales pitch as this blog post is not purposed for selling anything! Endorse it and carry it along with your promotion. Of course, you need to be genuine with your intention – if the services don’t benefit you, then don’t write about them.

For example, I have done numerous blog posts, endorsing services I personally use and gain benefits from – such as this one. The main purpose is to share something that I think will also benefit my business blogs’ readers. Usually, my blogs are getting residual effect – sometimes, the services I endorsed are linking back to my blog posts; sometimes, I get a boost of traffic from the community of the services I endorse.

Goodwill still works today!


There are many more tips I can share you, but most typically rooted from the 3 “secrets” above. But here’s one more for you to take away…

Don’t blog for money, even if your blog is organised as a business right from the start. I understand you need to make something out of your blogs (I DO make money from my blogs!), but putting the wrong emphasis will ruin your business blogs eventually.

Before you start a business blog, you need to ask yourself, “Am I doing this for money?” If you are being honest with yourself and eventually discovered that money seems to be the main driving factor, I suggest you to re-consider starting one.

Well, if your main motivation is revenue generation, then you should start an online shop selling products and/or services. Blogs just don’t work that way. You can place ads or sell products/services on your blogs, but your main focus should always be your blog posts.

When money is your focus, your blog post will become sucks; your will somehow SEO your blog post and target a few keywords so that it can rank high on search engine result pages and bring you more money via advertising. You will incline to put your readers as 2nd priority. Don’t do this. I’ve done those and my blogs lose their soul – seriously.

So, do you want to own a reputable business blog? Just start one when you have the right mindset. Eventually, money will follow your blog’s success.