Why Social Media Platforms Are Great For Generating Leads

If you’re a business owner wanting more home improvement leads or customers for a custom ceramics business, generating leads for your business is vital. There are many ways to generate leads such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Google Ads, and other lead generation services. However, social media sites are new, amazing ways to generate leads.

By using social media to market their services and products, businesses have cut their marketing costs drastically. Social media apps have millions of users who are constantly searching, browsing, and clicking on things. This makes them ideal platforms to generate promising leads for your business; however, it’s important to know which platform is best for your purposes.

Social media for lead generation

Let’s take a look at some of the main social media platforms and how they relate to generating leads.


One of the newer social media platforms, LinkedIn has a new niche for generating leads. LinkedIn is focused on businesses and connections, making it a perfect option for professional lead generations. You can use their publishing platform, utilize inbound marketing, follow your prospective leads, and gain more network connections.

It’s important to not think of social media as branding, but as a lead generator.


One of the first and most popular social media platforms, Facebook is a great option to generate leads; there are over a billion people logging into Facebook as well.

By using Facebook you can create blogs, input links, make videos, and include call-to-action options as well. The amazing feature of the platform, Facebook Ads, is also a great way to market your business; you can view the analytics and other statistics too.

Facebook ad campaign


Partnered with Facebook, Instagram has over half a billion users. Compared to other platforms, Instagram succeeds in marketing visual content that can create more personal connections with the platform’s users. Instagram allows the use of live videos, hashtags, great brand communication, and specific ad targeting or retargeting.

Here are some awesome Instagram giveaway ideas you can implement.


One of the fastest-moving social media platforms, Twitter can be a fantastic lead-generating operation for your business. When using Twitter, hashtags and keyword searching are very important to find new leads.

Tracking mentioned brands and companies, using already trending hashtags, and implementing Twitter chats are other helpful, lead-generating functions. It also helps that there are almost two hundred million Twitter users to boot.

Now Over to You…

Have you used social media for your lead generation endeavor? How does it goes for you? Please share your insights.