Discourage Theft and Secure Computer Peripherals

With all of the different types of computer and phone adapters needed to achieve seamless use of the technology that surrounds us in our day to day lives, it’s important to make sure that your pricey equipment stays where you need it, and doesn’t disappear. Many have had the stomach wrenching realization that an item essential to our work has gone missing Around offices, classrooms, and other public places, it’s not always easy to keep an eye on your adapters, and it’s a pain to constantly need to unplug them, carry them around with you, and then fumble to find the right port to plug them back in to in order to avoid theft.

As technology continues to be diverse and becomes more intertwined with our daily activities, convenience and organization becomes a necessity in both your personal and professional life.

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Tether Ties: Review

Tether Ties are an excellent, and inexpensive solution to this annoying problem. They are small anti-theft devices, similar to a miniature bike lock, “made of high grade stainless steel, nylon coated wire, that comes in black and silver and installs in less than 15 seconds” according to the creator. They are also exceptionally flexible, making them easy to maneuver in the small spaces under and around your desk or podium.

For even more important or expensive computer accessories, you can also get Tether Ties HD, which are sturdier, without sacrificing their flexibility for this added security. These small, inconspicuous and unobtrusive tethers could save you an enormity of money and frustration, and they are being used more and more in schools, Fortune 500 companies, and other public places where items have the potential to wander off. They come in packs ranging from 5-5,000 and come with everything you need, so you’re not left looking for tools while trying to install them.

In the professional world, these tethers with keep your equipment from becoming your work, and instead make them easily accessible and always ready tools. They will help you to be organized and prepared, minimizing the frustration and sloppy appearance of feeling around under the desk looking for an accessory that’s been removed or lost. This will help you make a better impression in front of your boss, clients, teachers, students, or whoever you need to impress with you preparedness and organization.

Don’t be caught unprepared, and don’t go broke buying replacement computer and phone accessories. Get Tether Ties and have peace of mind knowing your important and valuable items are right where you left them, and right where you need them to be in order to be as effective as possible.

Tether Ties
photo credit: TetherTies.com

You can order Tether Ties on their website at tetherties.com starting with a 5 pack for $29.99 or their most popular pack of 60 for $199.98. This price is exceptionally reasonable, especially when you consider that it amounts to a fraction of the cost of replacement equipment. If 60 doesn’t meet your needs, you can place a custom order for up to 5,000 ties with a 10% discount if you order more than 300.

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