Fleet Management Has Been Forever Changed By Mobile Apps


Fleet management was once an exceptionally difficult prospect for many reasons, especially before any sort of technology was added to the mix. When the wheel was first invented thousands of years ago, it introduced an entirely new method of handling large loads. A set of four wheels controlled by one man can easily transport much more than even 100 men could transport without the aid of wheels. There were other major developments during the life of the fleet management industry, but the advanced technology of the modern world has once again reshaped the fleet management industry.

Fleet management

Mobile App Takeover

When smartphones and other mobile platforms first started to take shape, the software used by those platforms instantly had to improve to keep up with the constantly evolving hardware. Apps were the answer to that since it allowed software to become more compartmentalized. They say an app exists for every purpose, and that saying isn’t too far from the truth.
The reign of apps as the forefront of mobile software isn’t going to change any time soon. Most smartphones already incorporate more technology than was needed to get the first men to the moon, so the potential for stellar apps that have yet to be imagined still exists. Apps can improve efficiency in a business, improve the convenience and reliability of transactions over the web, and increase business accuracy both in terms of marketing and process execution. It won’t be long before apps have infiltrated every aspect of modern life, and that includes the vast landscape of fleet management.

Fleet Management Apps From EFS

EFS has taken the initiative and built a suite of fleet management apps that include tools for both drivers and managers. The EFS CardControl app is the primary tool for drivers, and the EFS CarrierControl app is designed for managers. With these tools, drivers can search for refueling stations on their route and see fuel prices, register checks, transfer funds from their EFS SmartFunds account to their personal bank accounts, find recent transaction details, and much more.
Managers enjoy several amazing benefits when using the EFS CarrierControl app as well. It can help with emergency situations, quick payments for repairs or other services, and completely reduce paperwork and administrative costs. The app can even integrate with existing dispatch software for a fully comprehensive system.

Fleet management app

Control vs Innovation

Many critics of the rise of technology claim that such constant evolution produces nothing but disruptions to a workforce that spends more time changing that anything else, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Granted, certain aspects of technology might be distracting for some, but the main goal of technological improvements is to improve the daily lives of people.
Using apps to increase efficiency and create optimal customer and worker experiences is not a disruption, but instead it should be seen as growth. Apps for fleet management certainly fall into this category since they essentially do nothing but streamline and optimize existing systems that have been disjointed up until now.
There is no denying the fact that apps are made to benefit humanity, and these EFS apps work to do exactly that. Anyone with a business that involves fleet management in any way should consider these apps, because eventually you won’t be able to ignore the successes of those who have taken advantage of such systems.