10 Technological Innovation Musts for Your Business

When it comes to new businesses, only about 10 percent are successful long-term. That’s a lot of pressure for anyone thinking of becoming their own boss. Although you may not use them now, it’s important to note the tech innovations that can help you not only survive, but grow. Here are 10 of the best.

social media apps


GrexIt is web-based software that allows you to capture and store all e-mails. GrexIt allows you to create a repository of your past e-mail discussions for perusal in the future. You can capture all emails or set rules that capture e-mails related to specific topics.


The most successful businesses today have their own apps. It makes good financial sense to have a designer create an app specific to your company. Whether you allow users to browse through your products, read helpful tutorials or even make purchases, an app will help you grow.


Business experts will tell you that creating a social media page is a waste of time if you don’t update it daily. Because you have more important things to do with your time, utilize PostPlanner once a week. From the software, you can schedule all of your posts for the week and schedule them to go live when you choose.

4.Core Repository

Whether you use DropBox or Soonr, you need to pay for software that allows you to store your files in one common area. Doing this allows you, your associates or your business partners view, edit and send the same documents. Most of these sites are password protected, meaning that you assign a password for each file to restrict access to only those who need it.


If you have employees, tablets are a fantastic idea. Cheaper than laptops and easier to carry, you and your employees can stay in touch, get work done on the go, and collaborate all from a simple, hand-held device.


If you hope to succeed in business, you must have a website that works for you. If you spend any cash up front, spend it on a professional to design a stand-out website for your company. You could obviously create one for free, but the mistakes that you make could be detrimental to your overall goal.

7.Mobile Payment

If you sell goods or services, mobile payments are the best way to do business. PayPal, for example, has a free scanner that you plug into your smartphone to take credit or debit card payments from anyone. If you conduct business away from the office, these little beauties make taking payments simple.


As a new business owner, you may not have the funds to hire dozens of helping hands. Utilize Odesk for your outsourcing needs. You can find personal assistants, writers, customer service representatives and IT people on the website. You post the job, advertise what you are willing to pay, and accept inquiries.


Skype is an essential part of every new business. Skype allows you to talk to face-to-face with anyone you need to have a conversation with, no matter where in the world they are located.


Quora is a great learning platform for the new business owner. The site is essentially a marketplace of answers. Post a question, wait for responses, or sit back and watch discussions that you are interested in.

When it comes to business, you can only hope to survive if you keep up with the times. Technological advances can pass you by if you let them. When you know what tech is available to you, you can stay ahead of the competition by leaps and bounds.

About the Author: Writer Brett Harris is a business blogger. You can read his most recent blog on the The top 10 best international business schools here.

Photo credit: Jason Howie