The Convenience of Mixbook for Your Clients

Photo books have been at the center of family memories since the invention of the first Kodak. However, now we live in a world full of distractions. It’s not uncommon to forget the precious details of your child’s first moments of life, the gaze of your wife’s eyes as she walked down the aisle, or even how the morning sun glistened off the ancient travertine of the Roman Colosseum. We take pictures of these moments because we want to look back to not only visually remember them, but also relive memories we hold dear to our hearts.

Mixbook photo album

Ten years ago, we would take film or memory cards to the nearest print shop, print our favorite photos to, then slip the copies into album sleeves or paste them into scrapbooks. However, as neglectful as nature can be to the preservation of photographs, our photo albums eventually deteriorated from natural elements. At the same time, our scrapbooks lost their stick, and colorful pictures lost their luster. What was once a bright and vibrant image becomes obscure – a hint of a memory.

For this reason, custom photo books are fun and unique products to have. If you run a photography business, these are exactly what will help you in winning more clients and customers.

Professionally printed and bound with custom finishes and materials made to last, these books will survive generations. And with Mixbook Photo Co., the process has never been more straightforward.

The Convenience of Mixbook

With Mixbook, you have the choice of using professionally designed layouts as well as creating an album from scratch. This process simultaneously takes the guesswork out of photo placement while giving you the freedom to make adjustments that fit your style and needs.

Designed with every occasion in mind, you can quickly and easily create beautiful wedding albums and guestbooks, travel books, and collections for family, sports, yearbooks, and so much more. Once you choose a ready-made design or the custom option, you can load pictures into your Mixbook gallery, select your custom components, and, lastly, organize your entire album with the “All Pages” view.

The process is as simple as 1, 2, 3, and if at any time you come across issues, rest assured the Mixbook team will be there to guide you along the way.

Exceptionally Helpful Customer Service

With the convenience of online chat and email correspondence, the Mixbook team is available in just minutes. Our extensive Help section is there to answer common questions such as design and editing help, ordering and payment information, return options, and even bulk order questions. And when your imagination takes you far beyond photo books, Mixbook is your guide to designing unique photo products your family will love. Not to mention, Mixbook Photo Co. has a 100% Happiness Guarantee that your order will be free of defects, with outstanding quality, and made exactly how you designed it – making Mixbook your trusted choice for all your photo needs.

Start creating your photo books today, and receive your order in as little as a week. With such quality and convenience, nothing can stand in your way in impressing your clients!