How Coworking Can Benefit Small Business Owners

Whether you’re a small or large business owner or contractor/freelancer coworking provides many benefits whether you’re currently using your own home office set up or work from an office building yourself. Whatever your position you could benefit by using a short term hot desk for your next project or assignment.

coworking space

1.  Convenience

Coworking or also called hot desking offers great convenience. Hot desks are set up in a way that enables you to begin working immediately. There’s no hassle and you can put all your time and focus into your project.

2. Services

The services offered by hot desking facilities are numerous. Bring in your own laptop to work on or make use of the services they have with the latest technologies.


3. Location

Location is a big factor when it comes to hot desking. As there are now so many facilities around, you’re certain to find one at a great location near you. These services are often located around public transport hubs and within the city and business districts.

4. Networking

Networking of course has to be one of the biggest reasons for renting a short term hot desk. Mingle with other likeminded individuals within your industry and get to know those from other professional backgrounds. If you’re looking to expand your career, networking is absolutely crucial.

5. Collaboration

With networking comes collaboration. Hot desks are a hub of creative energy. Within a hot desk space you’ll find people that will welcome you and share their ideas and insights. Take your project to the next level by working alongside others in your field. Get free advice. You may even ask others to work on your next assignment with you and they may ask you in return. These collaborative ideas lead to shared and future clients.


6. Style

Many hot desking services will be set up in a professional business-like style. Not only do they offer great services but you’ll also have a professional working environment to enjoy that you wouldn’t otherwise have in the work office or at home. Many of the larger hot desk offices have invested serious money into the look and feel of their space.

7. Privacy

If you’ve been weighing up your office options and want the benefits of using a hot desk but you’re concerned about your privacy, don’t rule out hot desking just yet! There are many options available to you. While there are very open hot desks available you can also choose from alcove desks and private offices as well as meeting rooms for collaborative projects or meeting investors and clients to give you that competitive edge.


8. Savings

If you wanted all of these benefits in your own office suite you would have to invest big money for a modern and stylish office with all the space, meeting rooms, latest in technology and services and you still wouldn’t get the added benefit of networking. Short term hot desks are highly affordable; you can get a day pass or become a member with full access annually.

About the Author: Australian freelancer, Kirsten Tanner specialises in business marketing.

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