Dialup Service Disconnected for Rural Customers by BT

For those of us who have even a basic wireless broadband connection, dialup internet seems like something from a bygone age, but for people living in remote areas, it was the only way in which they could access the web in the first place. As a sign of how some providers see it as being obsolete, BT recently announced that, from September 1st, they would no longer offer dialup internet.

dialup internet access

It might not seem like the most drastic thing to do, but for a few thousand customers who couldn’t get anything else, they have been left wondering what they can do in order to remain connected. Having a decent internet connection is something that people in urban areas may take for granted, but if it’s not possible to get it through a phone line or cable, what can be done?

A thing of the past

BT pulled the plug on dialup at a time when it has increased investment in building up a comprehensive nationwide superfast broadband network. While this might seem like a forward-thinking thing to do, they may have neglected the needs of customers living in rural outposts who might not be able to find the same product from another provider.

In any case, the options for those left hanging by the likes of BT who have abandoned dialup may seem a little on the limited side. However, there may be a solution in the form of satellite broadband, which could be the best possible way to get faster and more secure internet access. It might even help those without a dialup connection to feel a little better.

Increasing access

Andrew Walwyn, CEO of EuropaSat, said that the advent of satellite broadband may help do more than just compensate for the loss of dialup connections from the likes of BT.

“For five years we’ve been trying hard to reach the consumers still subject to the drudgery of dial-up, to show them that satellite broadband is the perfect alternative if they can’t get broadband over wires”, he said.

“The feedback we’ve had from those we’ve spoken to so far is that they simply didn’t realise that the satellite alternative existed or how fast modern satellite internet solutions are.

“Clearly we want to reach out to these people now BT has decided to abandon the dial-up alternative to let them know we’re here. With so many aspects of modern life dependant on a fast broadband connection, it’s vital that every home and business understands their options”, concluded Mr Walwyn.