These are the Best Invoicing Software Packages for Small UK Businesses

Invoicing has become a crucial part of most small businesses as it might not be so easy to set up a team for the sole purpose of keeping accounts – and also to pay them. That’s why if you run a small business, it’s advisable to take care of the drafting, processing and sending of invoices – or better yet, assign the task to some of your senior employees.

Besides delegating the role to some top members of staff, it’s wise to use a private cloud or make certain services and software available to make the task easy for them.

Business invoicing software

Selecting the right software from a list of many that are either free or premium, basic or advanced can be quite tasking. But features like provision of invoicing templates, quotes, integration of emails, ability to estimate and some customised options are things to look out for in an ideal software.

To enable you make the right decision, here’s a list of the best software invoicing packages for small UK businesses.

1. QuickBooks

With almost 2 million subscribers round the world, Quickbooks is an ideal software for almost any financial, accounting and invoicing service you can think of. Once you subscribe to it, you instantly gain access to its financial management, bookkeeping and cloud accounting services. From you mobile device or desktop, you can create and send invoices, control levels of stock, manage VAT, estimate tax payments and lots more.

The software is made in a way that you can work online without any need for downloading files. You simply take advantage of cloud computing to configure your dashboard and tweak the options to meet your business requirements. You can even add services, products and customers without difficulty – all through the user portal.

2. OnlineInvoices

If you wish to create invoices and estimates or track and receive payments, then OnlineInvoices is the right accounting and invoice management system you should consider. It has an Invoice Layout Builder, which provides you with a template for invoices and also lets you include the details and logo of your small business.

You can also keep track of sales data, profit and loss data, and employees’ performance. The software also has a feature for managing your inventory, which also updates your stock automatically and tells you when you’re running low on supplies.

The software has a free version that allows you add not more than 30 estimates, 7 subscriptions and 15 invoices a month. It also allows 15 clients – at most. On the other hand, the premium version allows as much as 300 invoices, 300 clients and more than 100 estimates – for just £7.50 a month.

3. Invoice Home

This software is a good choice not only for small businesses but startups as well. It lets you create, download and send invoices. The Invoice Home template library has more than 90 invoice styles. You also gain access to over 140 currencies, make online payments (PayPal, e-wallet), can do custom branding and lots of other features relevant to your business. It’s also easy to use – as it gives you instructions on what to do – and also provides credit notes and memos, purchase orders, estimates, quotes, receipts and other kinds of invoices.

4. Invoice2go

Offering a cloud based web, iOS and Android invoicing, Invoice2go is simple and great for small businesses. With over 40 background images, about 20 colour schemes and 40 fonts, you can customise your invoices to suit your brand’s style.

On the dashboard, profits, payments, sales and accounts that are overdue are clearly displayed. Although, you cannot make online payment or other third party applications, it still serves other important purposes to your business.

5. InvoiceBerry

This software package provides expense tracking, multiple currency invoices, invoice customisation, quotes and a fully dedicated invoicing service to its users. You also get push notifications for late payments. InvoiceBerry can also send payers a message when their payment is due and add credit notes. Furthermore, it offers the Pro and Solo payment platforms – depending on the number of clients you wish to add.