The Development of Technology in The Workplace

The development of technology is transforming the way we travel, work and communicate. Over the past 10 years, it has developed immensely when we compare it to now and then.

With technology constantly developing it can only be seen as a positive, not too long ago tasks were performed on paper while we now have the luxury of computers where we can type quicker.

TalkTalk business has created an infographic that shows us what the workplace may look like in 2025.

Workforces 2025 infographic

Here is an example of present emerging technologies.

Artificial intelligence in the workplace

Artificial intelligence has become a part of our everyday lives. We have become dependent on AI’s such as Siri and Alexa to complete our everyday tasks such as making phone calls, answering our questions or setting reminders.

We become so familiar with AI’s that we start to depend on them even though they belong to a non-living world. This is evident by the fact that one in every four employees say that artificial intelligence will have a positive impact on how they work and one in three felt that they will make them more efficient in their job.

Paying using smart watch

Wearable tech

Many companies across the world are exploring wearable technology and how it can change the workplace. Examples include smartwatches, microchips and even technology embedded in your skin.

An increasing number of employees are encouraging their workers to wear fitness trackers such as fit bits in order to measure their health. This is used to decrease accidents at work due to exhaustion as employees can monitor workers heart rate and stress. A survey conducted by TalkTalk Business, shows that 28 percent of employees would feel comfortable wearing something that monitors their health at work.

Another example of wearable tech in the workplace is wristbands that have been created by Amazon. They are designed to keep track of products in the different warehouses as well as monitor your productivity. It is designed as a labor-saving measure to keep track of products throughout the warehouse. 20 percent of workers said that they would be happy to wear a device that monitors productivity.

Chatbot tech


Chatbots are a piece of technology that answers our questions through text. They copy human written and spoken language for the purpose of creating a conversation or interaction with a real person. They are offered to visitors through online sources or apps. An example of this is Uber chat box that keeps you update on the status of your car.

There are many other tech advances today, but those three are the most disruptive ones.  But fear not, this is just the beginning; embrace technology, don’t fear it!