Monitoring Your Assets: What Makes Network Monitoring so Important in Today’s Era?

Network monitoring is essential in the modern era, complete with all of its technology and e-devices. No modern business can do without it, and I’m going to show you why.

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What is Network Monitoring?

Simply put, it is monitoring your computer network and gathering feedback/data on how it is performing overall, and how each individual component is doing as well. A system/program constantly monitors all of this data and provides feedback to the administrator. There are a whole host of monitoring techniques at play when this is occurring. This information is useful in a variety of ways.

Why is Network Monitoring Important?

For starters it keeps you safer from the downfalls of a sudden outage. The constant feedback of the monitoring system saves time if an outage happens, because all of the data is right there in an easy to read format. This also means you can locate the problem and fix it much faster, so your downtime is minimized.

You are also able to monitor connectivity and dependencies in real time, which lets you see a problem coming before it causes issues. The advantage here is that you avoid downtime altogether, using the live data to tweak your system and keep it running at full steam.

There’s also a high chance that your network will need to grow or adapt at some point. When this happens, not having good monitoring can lead to disasters as your systems go down due to add-ons not fitting or working correctly. Equipment upgrades can also cause issues with your network, as any new hardware is unlikely to be a 100% flawless swap.

When any of these situations occurs, not only are disruption and downtime a possibility, there’s also the threat of security flaws to consider. As technology advances, previously unnoticed flaws can be unearthed and taken advantage of. Likewise changes in hardware, upgrades and any other type of alteration can inadvertently cause security holes to open up. Live monitoring allows you to spot anything unusual and act on it immediately.

Overall these benefits combine to save a lot of time and money. Your network is kept a lot safer and keeps on running smoothly. In fact, even without any of these issues, good network monitoring can help your network to run better and more efficiently, just by letting you see all of the performance data visually, so you can tweak the right areasNetwork monitoring


So Why is Network Monitoring More Important Now than Ever?

The answer here is simple. The world is becoming more and more connected by the internet, and no longer just on computers. Phones, tablets, consoles, televisions – these are just some of the devices which now have internet access! As this growth continues, networks also need the ability to grow bigger. That also applies to the growth of a business, as the network in use will need to grow with them.

Alongside general growth, the variety of devices means there needs to be more flexibility available in monitoring software. With that in mind you really need cutting edge monitoring software now more than ever!