Is your Business Really Secure with your Antivirus?

Business enterprises require antivirus protection like any other home computer. Ample data of any company is available there, and if any competitor can lay their hands on it, the business would have to pull its shutters. For example, the rate at which it is procuring material for manufacturing some product, the formula of the product, the profit margin, bank balances, etc. All such sensitive information can be stolen by hackers, using malwares, viruses, worms, and Trojans.

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How is antivirus for business different from consumer versions?

Antivirus for business is different from that for home systems. Business enterprises have a network of computers, i.e., desktops connected to the single server. These desktops are used by various employees. So, such LAN or local area network or wide area networks (WAN) need to be defended internally, as well as externally. External attacks could be from the net. Internal attacks on the system can be from emails and other tools or portable devices that employees open within the networks. Such devices may not have the required defense and therefore, they could be infected. Therefore, any business needs a comprehensive software to deal with all these issues.

The frontier of antivirus software

Many of the antivirus programs available as of now work on the periphery, i.e., they offer defense against what is getting into the network from outside. If antivirus is used between the internal systems, the work will slow down considerably. Most of the antivirus software programs, therefore, defend the network from external viruses along with firewalls and security systems within the operating system and the browser.

Some antivirus software programs offer internal protection as well.

However, antivirus software tools such as Bitdefender Gravity Zone can be used to clear viruses in any devices that the employees bring to the work environment and from which data needs to be downloaded. Employees can wittingly or unwittingly download viruses, malware, and worms onto the network, from their devices infecting the entire system. Any such scanning of devices and downloads need to be done voluntarily by the employees. There are options and generally people tend to skip them to save time, or select wrong options in a hurry, effectively escaping scanning by antivirus.

Periodic scanning of the system can help to identify and control some of the viruses that may have entered the LAN in this way. Bitdefender Gravity Zone, in particular, has desktop protection as well as web filtering features. Also, this tool is capable of detecting any intrusion into the system so that the virus does not manage to do the damage.

Periodic updates are mandatory

Developers of antivirus periodically notice APTs, and provide better defense against them, including ways to fish them out. It is the job of antivirus tool developers to be watchful about different viruses, study them, and then develop defenses against them. Luckily, few viruses express themselves on the same day like Chernobyl virus. Therefore, the viruses infect different systems at different times. The time is taken by the viruses to do their job also varies because viruses are activated when certain files are used. Because of such variation in expressions of viruses, developers are able to notice them, and work fast to find solutions against them. As soon as they find the remedy, they upload the update, which is available to every customer who has bought their product. Free antivirus software programs do not offer such updates.


Antivirus software is the best defense available to businesses as well as individuals. Popular antivirus software tools such as Bitdefender Gravity Zone include antimalware along with other antivirus capabilities. Such tools secure the business’ network from cloud location.