How To Keep Your Workplace bang Up To Date

Trying to keep up with technology is a bit like try to run next to a bullet train. While you might be able to for a small while, you’ll very soon be eating dust as it speeds away from you. Although that isn’t too much of a problem for your personal life, a lack of hi-tech equipment could prove disastrous for your business.

In only two decades we’ve entered an information age which is almost entirely reliant on the most modern technology. The idea that businesses used to operate successfully without the internet seems like some kind of remote fantasy. We’ve become willing slaves to technological systems, and it’s allowing us to reach thousands (if not millions) of new customers.

Up to date modern workspace

Information technology has rocketed into the future since the dawn of the internet, leaving any business who doesn’t regularly update its technology looking like a fusty granddad trying to comprehend dubstep.

Major changes in the business world

We’ve moved from bulking, hulking desktop computers to dinky laptops and tablets. Our phones have gone from having clunking buttons to being smooth and sleek touchscreens. We’ve modernised more quickly than any other generation.

So, what does this mean for a business? For a start, an enterprise lagging behind in technological terms will lose out on vital marketing opportunities, such as promotion via social media. What’s more, the productivity of your staff will suffer, leaving you lagging behind other companies. Clients will, in turn, start leaving your company, choosing enterprises that are more vital in the technological world.

There is a few pieces of hardware and software that will give your company a major boost. Invest in them and you’ll see your productivity soar.

Payroll of the pros

Back in the old days, configuring your payroll was more difficult than beating Garry Kasparov at chess. You (or your HR department) would have to manually process each and every paycheque, accounting for sick days and other deductions. And the process was utterly yawn-worthy.

Now, however, tech has caught up with your admin needs. Payroll software like Ceridian means that processing payments is as easy as pressing a button.

After processing the details of each of your employees, you’ll be able to let the software carry the rest of your load.

Get compact

Huge desktops do little but take up space, causing interior design nightmares for smaller businesses. If you want to cram more employees into your workspace, then it’s time to find more compact options.

The aforementioned tablet computer is perfect for smaller work chores, although not ideal if you have to type large documents. However, small laptops can be perfect for a dinky office, and they’ll help out any members of staff who have to work on an ad-hoc basis.

It’s IoT time, baby!

Internet of things (IoT) is a tech trend that affect the workplace the most – (hopefully) for the better. When smart equipment and devices are inter-connected, exchanging data from one to another, you can expect that productivity will dramatically rise.  Imagine this: With sensors attached to the strategic spots at your office, now you can learn the space utilization of your employees, as well as how effective the flow is.  You can also conserve energy (and reduce costs) by having your smart thermostat and lighting to “learn” the usage patterns, and respond by optimizing the devices.  The possibilities are endless.


Obsolete workplace impacts your staffs more than you might realize.  By adopting tech advances in the form of apps, equipment and system, you’ve taken a brave step to bring your business to, well, today.  The ROI of doing can be enormous, and you can’t simply holding on your ‘old ways’ of doing business; remember, your competitors may have adopting the latest, proven biz tech that brings them more business – you should follow suit, or else…