Business Opportunity: 4 Vehicle Technologies to Aid a Luxury Lifestyle

When it comes to leading a pleasant, comfortable and opulent lifestyle, motoring is one of the top priorities. From open-top cars to high-speed motorbikes, getting your hands on some of the finest pieces of vehicular engineering is one of the true perks of wealthy living. But there’s more technology in the world of motoring that can prove a true asset for those happy to part with their cash, whether that be for practical reasons or simply to inject a little more luxury into one’s life.

Another gap in the automotive market? You bet. And it’s very lucrative, indeed.

Car entertainment system

Let’s get down to details, shall we? Below are listed four such technological additions that represent business opportunities for budding entrepreneurs out there:


Especially useful in keeping the kids quiet on long drives, the rear-of-seat screen has been around for some time, albeit in a more primitive form than at present: now, you’ll have games, apps, Wi-Fi connectivity and TV streaming all available should you look to invest in your car’s visual entertainment systems. Likewise, consider installing the latest sound systems for your vehicles, with connectivity to music streaming services direct from your car, so that you have your road trip soundtrack available at the flick of a switch.


From country to country and state to state, rules and restrictions can hamper a trip taken in an automobile. Research these potential upsets before you travel, and prepare accordingly. Little additions to a vehicle, like the in car breathalyzer, will subtly add a practical item to your car that will prove useful whether it be in abiding by new laws, keeping your insurance premiums down, or in the wake of a drink-driving charge.

Remember too that various rules require headlight changes and speed monitoring; apps, or often in-car satellite navigation systems, will help you know when and what to change in your vehicle.

Real Estate

Not so much a technology as a huge asset for anyone constructing property, the transfer truck gives you the opportunity to carry substantial amounts of heavy-load items without breaking West Coast laws which require distinct weight measurements per load.

Getting your hands on a roaring piece of strong and powerful engineering is always a thrill, and purchasing or hiring a big rig is well worth it for those individuals who enjoy getting stuck into the work they do on creating new properties and landscaping new terrains.

Car system app


Anyone with a flashy car knows that the biggest detractor is not the price of purchase but the possibility of it being damaged while parked. While you’re driving the car, you’ll be confident that it will avoid damage, but away from the car, you’ll wonder if someone might drag a key along the side panel, nick the side mirror, or otherwise cause expensive damage.

Look up the latest in vehicle security technology, including installed cameras, apps and dark windows in order to put off any prospective car-burglar. Of course, it’s best to secure some top-notch insurance for the eventuality that you will need your car repaired at some stage.


Vehicle technologies continue advancing at an impressive rate, and the four additions to a luxury life outlined above will have you operating on the most up-to-date trends in motoring tech.