Academic Transcription Software Features to Look for

As time has progressed, course material for students has progressively improved which has brought about a change in how course material is taught and absorbed. How students and professors are taking down information to process has changed with the introduction of new AI technology. This has vastly changed things for students and people working within the academic industry.

Academic transcription provider

Academic transcription software has become a very common tool used by students and professors to make their academic life much easier. Instead of trying to remember large amounts of information within lectures or trying to scribble down notes students are simply able to sit down for a lecture and start recording on their phone, laptop or any other selected device.

With such a progressive piece of technology, there is a lot out there to choose from and it can be hard to know if the one you are buying is good value for money. In this article we are going to look at some of the features you should look for when purchasing an academic transcription service.


Although professors can make great use of transcription software, it is also largely used by students. Students often find themselves on a budget having to budget for overly priced books, accommodation and a variety of other outgoings. With all this going on, it can be hard for students to afford a social life and that is why getting the best value for your transcription software is important. Even for a professor making good money, there can be lots of variables such as families, a mortgage etc to consider so it’s always good to get value for your money.


For students and professors, there is a good chance you might do your work on several devices taking advantage of the benefits of cloud storage. It is important you find transcription software that can work well with a variety of software and that you can manage to access your information on a variety of devices. Additionally, for students where English isn’t their native language, it can be very beneficial in helping translate recorded information into their selected language allowing them to spend more time digesting information.

Transcraptionist on the job


In the academic industry, students and professors often find themselves needing to meet deadlines and a fast transcription software can be key to helping them meet these deadlines. For students, the ability to get your recorded information converted into text as quickly as possible can allow more time to get more done and overall could be the difference in achieving a higher grade. Professors have a large workload with so many students to look after and having the ability to transcribe their audio into text can help them just as effectively.

When it comes to using academic transcription software, the main features to look for is price, integration and speed. Take the time to do your research before jumping in and buying any old piece of software. Although it is good to be sure to check out the price it is important to make sure that what you choose is a good service and is good value for money.