7 Reasons Why Cloud Back Up Solutions Are Vital to Your Growing Business

In its’ simplest form, cloud computing is computing based on the internet. It has fast become the new normal and many small and large businesses are moving to cloud backup solutions because it reduces costs, consolidates disaster recovery, billing and availability. It is an efficient solution that improves cash flow and offers a lot of benefits for your growing business.

Cloud data backup solutions

Still undecided? Here are 7 reasons to include cloud backup solutions.

1. Unlimited access to data

There is no limitation when you store and backup your data online. You can increase your storage needs as our business grows. The cloud services, such as those offered by 4D Data Centres, offers flexible backup solutions that are cost effected, saving you thousands in conventional IT storage costs.

2. Power savings

A cloud service provider use their server hardware to provide an improved service than what you would accomplish in your data centre. According to Jake Page, Systems Engineer at Iomart Cloud, they reduce your carbon footprint by utilising power-efficient cooling systems that adhere to environmental standards, ensuring better use of energy resources and lower lost.

3. Automatic backup routines

Once your data is in the cloud, you determine when you want automatic backups to happen and all your company’s data is synced. From this point on, you don’t have to worry about saving anything to cloud because everything syncs at your pre-set time every day. It could be every day, every 12 hours or depending on your needs.

4. Document control

There is a greater need for airtight document control when you have many employees and partners working on documents. In the past, workers sent files back and forth, limiting the number of people who worked on a file at a time and increasing the risk of losing data. With cloud storage, the smallest company transforms into a global brand, collaborating on projects across time zones without fear of losing paper document as everything is automatically backed up on the cloud.

Save business money

5. Money saving benefits

One of the major benefits of cloud backup for new companies is that your business saves money because you’re not paying for a data centre or staff who would manage it. Service providers offer a pay-as-you-go option where they charge you based on the services you receive. This includes the amount of memory consumed and the amount of time used among other functionalities.

6. A scalable solution

Most businesses have plans for reserve for unexpected growth on their computing needs such as software licenses, additional servers and storage capacity. Cloud backup solutions have extra capacity ready when you need it.

7. Extra protection

Cloud backup provides more protection against natural disasters with tools such as a comprehensive file management and automated backup to enhance storage and backup. This ensures that growing businesses and those with limited resources don’t compromise on the quality of data backup they’re used to.


Data protection is a multi-step workflow that goes beyond cloud backup. It includes backup of critical data, removal of backed up data to an offsite location in the case of natural disasters, storage of replicated data and recovery of data when and where you need it.