5 Reasons Why Cloud Computing Should Be at The Heart of Your Business

Cloud computing broke into the IT world and changed the way normal information technology operations were run. It has become a driving revolutionary force in taking business strategies and operations to a new era.

In its earliest stages, it was reserved for the big guns in business, but small to medium sized enterprises have come to learn how accessible the technology is, and have been migrating over the years. While most businesses have migrated entirely, some are opting to maintain the hybrid hosting option, prior to transferring other IT estates to the cloud.

Cloud computing

Presently, the UK’s Cloud adoption rate has reached 88% and is expected to climb, according to a research by the Cloud Industry Forum. The research further states that majority of the small and public organisations polled have adopted cloud technology. Some businesses however, are yet to take advantage of the cloud’s benefits.

If your business isn’t already on the cloud, here are five reasons you should migrate fast.

1. Lower Costs

One of the most appealing benefits of cloud computing is that it offers high performance computing without the extra cost for infrastructure, energy and personnel. Whether you’re running a big business or a mom and pops shop, you can afford to run your business on advanced computing without burning down your revenue.

2. Increased Collaboration and work Flexibility

With your files and operations run in the cloud, you don’t have to rush over to your business premises to access files and make changes anymore. The cloud provides the possibility of working from anywhere in the world.

Your employees can also access documents and communicate like they’re next to each other. What’s more, you can make changes as to what each employee can access and what they can’t.

3. Increased and reliable performance

The cloud is a pool of servers working together to render processes. This means you’ll be running on a computing platform with unrivalled processing power despite the size of your business.

Disaster recovery and backup on the cloud is also unparalleled. When a server fails, other servers in the network pick up the job of the failed server and work continues like nothing happened. So, if your business relies on constant availability like an online store or news channel, you need to migrate to the cloud fast.

Using flexible SaaS solutions

4. Access to a flexible service

When you operate on the cloud, you simply pay for what you use. You can pay for more or less, just enough to comfortably run your business. As your estates expand, all you need do is scale up your services because the cloud offers expansion without limitations.

5. All-round Integration

Cloud services can blend with other services seamlessly. If you’re looking to find the best options for different applications, you don’t need to stick to a single vendor. Compatibility between cloud-to-cloud platforms is an industry standard that has provided mind blowing solutions.

You can also integrate between Cloud operations and non-cloud operations easily as well with the updated industry data interchange standards.