3 Ways to Give Your Business a Makeover

Business makeover

Unless you’re a retro fashionista, it’s unlikely that you go around wearing the same styles people wore several decades ago. Fashion is constantly evolving, and not just because humans are prone to changing their minds. Change is an indication of progress, and if you’re still doing all of the same things you were doing years ago, you probably haven’t progressed very far.

Companies work the same way. It’s easy to fall into familiar routines, but if you really want to succeed, it’s important to shake things up every now and then. Here are some ways you can revitalize how your company looks to the world—and the way it does business.

1. Redesign Your Logo

Logo redesign

Your company logo is often the first image potential clients will see—so if it looks outdated, they’re likely to view your company as outdated, too. Changing things up every now and then is like adding a fresh coat of paint. But be careful. If the change is too drastic, audiences might get confused and fail to recognize that you’re still the same brand.

Some of the best logo redesigns involve taking the original logo and simplifying it into a much more streamlined, minimalist version that focuses only on the most distinctive qualities. The recent Subway logo redesign for instance, eliminated the color white and the italic font, opting for a more elegantly simple look.

2. Create New Stationery

If you send out a lot of written correspondence, a new stationery design might be just what you need. The same principles at play when you redesign your logo are in effect here, but you have a bit more freedom since your stationery design probably isn’t as integral to the company’s brand.

If your business doesn’t lend itself well to traditional letters with the same stationery every time, one option is to create document folders that you can customize and use any time you distribute written materials. You’ll get the same uniform look and a lot more flexibility, since you can use them to hold literally anything you want.

3. Upgrade Your Office

Finding yourself in a rut at work? You could need a change of scenery. That might mean moving to an entirely new, more optimal location, but you don’t necessarily have to do anything that drastic. Try reorganizing your office to be more efficient. Add extra storage space or new equipment that will make your work more effective.

Function is important, but an aesthetically pleasing design can be just as valuable. It can actually encourage creativity and productivity (and make any clients or business partners who enter your office feel more welcome). Companies like Pixar and Google, for instance, are renowned for the ability to create office spaces that cultivate collaboration. You can even get your team involved in the remodel if you want to make it a truly office-wide experience.


Giving your business a “makeover” isn’t as frivolous a task as it might sound. In fact, it’s absolutely vital for keeping your brand relevant and appealing to your target audience. Tread lightly, but don’t be afraid to try new things—your brand depends on it!