Food Business: 5 Tips to Hiring a Professional Extractor Hood Installer and Repairer

In any restaurant business, it is crucial that your extraction system runs exactly as it should. Cooking can be a hot and smoky labour intensive activity that is made much more comfortable with the presence of an extractor fan and hood.

Should your extraction system ever fail it is important to know how to find a professional installer and repairer to quickly fix the problem. In order to keep your kitchen running as smoothly and comfortably as possible you need to know exactly where to turn.

The following tips will help guide your actions.

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1. Reputable and Trustworthy

The number one requirement of any repairer or installer of commercial extractor fan hoods is that they must have an excellent reputation that proves they can be trusted to complete the job to a high standard.

While there may be many certain companies or individuals that say they are capable of meeting your needs, it is always best to hire someone with a proven track record and a stellar reputation.

You can find recommendations by searching online reviews and social media, talking to other industry peers or phoning similar businesses to yours and asking for their experience with previous repairers. Oftentimes, extraction fan manufacturers can provide a directory of preferred and competent installers and repairers that they deem competent.

2. Fully Qualified and Licenced

Commercial extraction fans are complicated systems that require training, experience and adherence to strict licensing codes to properly install and repair. Be sure to only hire qualified professionals that are willing to provide evidence of their abilities and compliance to strict industry standards. It is also wise to have these assurances provided to you in writing before and after completion for insurance purposes in case future repairs or claims are needed.

3. Uses only Quality Parts

It is well worth checking that your repairer and installer use the very best replacement parts available. Extractor fans often run constantly and general wear and tear is a real issue that will happen more rapidly when low quality components are used. This equals more downtime and higher repair bills in the long run. A competent professional will promote the benefits of using quality replacement parts.

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4. Responds in a Timely Manner

Because time is valuable in a restaurant or any food business and faulty equipment can stop your staff from being productive, it is important that your repairer responds to your call in a timely manner. If you find yourself leaving multiple phone messages or that the repairer cannot fix the extractor fan in a reasonable timeframe, it is best to look elsewhere. Unanswered or unreturned calls are a red flag that indicate a repairer that should definitely be avoided. When seeking commercial extractor hood repair and installation in London, only do business with someone who goes the extra mile to fix your problems quickly.

5. Extremely Well Organised

Nothing makes a job go more smoothly than dealing with a repairer who is extremely well organised. These experienced professionals have systems in place that allow them to sweep in and out with lightning speed to complete their work, ensuring your kitchen is up and running with minimal delays. Installers with significant experience will know how to avoid disruption by organising themselves and completing the repairs as soon as possible.

Following these straight forward tips will ensure your extractor fan is repaired quickly and efficiently, leaving you to return to the task of cooking in a pleasant and functional environment with very little interruption to your restaurant’s busy schedule.