Top Technology Tips for Businesses

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by all the jargon surrounding technology. When you’ve got far more important priorities to consider like launching your business, looking after your stock, covering your liabilities, and ultimately making a profit, it may seem like a waste of your precious time to be analysing the pros and cons of every new piece of kit someone tries to sell you. But by exploring what’s on offer and getting to grips with the technological power available to you, you can potentially use it to make some big gains for your business.

Thinking tech biz owner

Here are some things for you to consider when looking at technology for your firm.

Time and Money

When it comes to technology ultimately you will get out of it what you put into it. Don’t try to make savings by going for cheaper kit, as typically you will find it’s a false economy. When computers start crashing or you face repeated network glitches that cost you even more money to fix you will be wishing that you had invested more in reliable equipment from the off.

Once you have your kit installed you should also put in some effort to develop a good website and understand its analytics. Sometimes a website will be the first and even only point of contact for clients or customers becoming acquainted with your business. That’s why you should make sure it’s easily navigable and well presented. You must also use applications like Geckoboard or Crazy Egg to see how many users you are attracting and where they are coming from.

Data and Security

If you find yourself soon struggling for data space then there are options for you to outsource data storage or to use a free cloud-based service. This is also handy to help you develop a mobile strategy so you can take your work out of the office.

You should also try out online services for teleconferencing so you can discover the potential for you to meet customers and clients even further afield from the comfort of your office. While doing all of these fantastic things it’s important to keep your kit secure by using a strong password policy that will allow you to keep your data protected.

You must also get the right support in place, so don’t outsource your tech to a team you won’t be able to reach when you need them the most. Then with the right level of foresight and planning which you can get by speaking to a consultancy firm like Evolve, you’ll have a technologically proficient business in no time.


Technology adoption can bring competitive advantages to your company. However, you need to make sure that you adopt it with the right mindset; you can’t adopt technology for the sake of following trends. Just like anything else in business, you need to consider your options and calculate the tangible and intangible ROI of your tech investments.

Remember, going cutting-edge doesn’t guarantee success. You should adopt tech on case-by-case basis.

Photo credit: Ivana Vasilj / Flickr