Tips for Starting a Mobile Business

There can only be so many times that you get home from work and say to yourself, “There must be more to life than this”. Right? For some people, that means a change of nine-to-five scenery or even a shift in career. But for others (and we’re talking about the small minority of action-takers in the world), the rollercoaster life of entrepreneurial ups and downs awaits.

There’s a huge difference between being the type of business person who lets the customers do the leg work and being the type of business mind who takes the brand to the people. Today, we’re going to look at tips for starting a mobile business.

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photo credit: Steshka Willems / Pexels

Everyday is payday (unless you’re underprepared)

Starting a business is fast and fun. You need a logo. A colour scheme. A font. A catchy tagline, and… wait. What about getting paid? You need to consider investing in a contactless card reader. As much fun as it can be to plan your first staff party before you even have staff, and as exciting as the conversations can prove when talking about your website design, you need to take care of things a little closer to your pocket before you get ahead of yourself.

Many business owners neglect to come up with a viable method of accepting payment. It’s equal parts cringe-worthy and laughable. But think of it. There you are. About to shake hands (figuratively) over your first sale. And you are forced to ask the customer to use their own banking app to type in your details and send the payment across. That’s not professional. You need a contactless card reader – you have to be ready to take payment, or potentially miss out.

Pay attention to social media

Social media is a trove of marketing data. You don’t even need to be a marketing genius to spot the potential in your social media channels and focus your energies on boosting leads.

Simply pay attention to which of your social media channels is most popular with your customers. You can tell this from the number of follows, likes, shares, etc.

Next, make sure you focus on your most successful channel by creating tailored posts relevant to that channel.

For example, popular on Instagram? You need next-level photography and filters. Do most of your social media client engagements come through Twitter? Better focus on developing a writing style rich in brevity, wit, and accuracy.

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Customer service can make or break your business

Nobody wants to be part of your business. Not actively. They can get your goods or services somewhere else. There’s nothing special about your brand that would make them stick around if your competitors dropped their prices. Or is there?

People want to be loyal. Why? Because being in the club that gets attention for the right reasons validates their choice, making them look like they are discerning and smart.

Make sure you pave the way for loyalty with fast and friendly responses to every online query. Yes, this will take time each evening. But it works.