Three Business Hacks for Saving Money on Daily Overheads

Running a business is stressful no matter who you are or how long you’ve been in your industry. Whether you’re the latest tech start-up taking the market by storm, or you’re celebrating 50 years with a global corporation to manage, there will always be money saving hacks that can help you.

In today’s article, we’ll be discussing just three of these business hacks that will help shave money off your overheads. You’d be surprised how small changes can make such big differences, when the time comes to balance the books.

Reduce overheads

Invest in your printer

You wouldn’t think that the humble printer would make much difference to a company, but it can actually impact heavily on productivity as well as costs. The printer you choose will be a large sum of money in proportion to your business; no matter what size your company is, getting a high quality, multifunctional printer is essential. You’ll need documents scanning, invoices sending to other companies and vital contracts printing; if any of these functions go down because of a low-quality model, your productivity will suffer and sometimes even your customers, damaging your professional image.

You can bet that things like maintenance will usually take a big chunk of your monthly budget, so invest in a good quality make such as Brother, and make sure you save on ink by buying in bulk. For example, businesses can buy large orders of a huge selection of Brother toner cartridges from the Cartridge People.

Bulk-buy stationary

Speaking of bulk-buying, have you thought about all of your stationary? How much printer paper do you use every month? How many notepads and pens do your staff eat up? Always look for ways of minimising costs by looking at the little details of your business, and you’d be surprised how much can be saved.

You can even add further value to them by ordering them with your branded logo on them. Being able to hand these out to clients who come by the office will help them to remember you even when you’re not around.

Eco-friendly business practices

Go green and save

There are a lot of environmental reasons to go down the eco route, but in terms of your overheads, it makes for a healthier bank account too. There are so many products and initiatives designed for offices these days, and it also creates a great first impression to clients to show that you’re at the forefront of these new trends.

Larger businesses can invest in solar power panels on their buildings, or install motion detectors with automatic power-offs for areas that are not in use that often. Businesses can also save by using smaller fonts and double-sided settings for printers, and even purchase software, such as GreenPrint, that alerts the user when it detects wasted space, such as a spare page with only a web address.

Do you have any more business hacks of your own? We’d love to hear them so please feel free to leave a comment.