The Three Reasons You Might Need Business Storage This Financial Year

2014 has been a strange one for business and individuals all across the UK. With reports that the UK’s economy is finally back to pre-downturn levels (following a six year slump!), many people are claiming that life is back to normal, and business is on the up. Meanwhile, many others have suggested that they’re not feeling the benefit of the UK’s new found prosperity. This turbulence has a number of effects on businesses, and one could be the need for extra storage. If you’re unsure of why your business might need its own storage space, here are just three examples.

Business storage space


With business on the up for many companies, particularly across the south east of England and in London in particular, many are looking to upscale their base of operation. So, whether you’re working out of your home office and are now looking to spread out, or you’re already based in an office and are ready to increase the scale of your operation, you might need storage to help you out in the meantime. Companies like Warehouse Storage Solutions offer storage to businesses of any size so that you can hold your office equipment in transit and establish your new, larger office space bit by bit.


Although many companies are doing well from the UK’s current economic upturn, many are feeling the pressure – particularly those who work outside the services industries. If you have been considering downsizing your company, you might need to take out some extra storage to store some of your office furniture. This is because if you’re looking to retain the same number of people but move to a smaller space, you might need to replace your existing furniture with some that can fit more people in.

Surplus of Stock

A final example of where you may need to consider acquiring some storage, is if you have a surplus of stock and you need somewhere to hold it until it’s needed. Sometimes, it can be better to buy in bulk for cost purposes, and this means that you might have bulk deliveries turning up at your premises, that you simply don’t have the room for. If you don’t have your own warehouse, you could be losing money; therefore, it could be worth renting your own storage space for your surplus stock.

So there you have it, three reasons you might need to rent extra storage space for your business this financial year.

Photo credit: Adam Fagen / Flickr