Making Ideal Custom Badges for Business Promotions

Business promotions can be achieved in many ways depending on the creativity of the marketing team. Today, the use of custom badges, which are designed to add value to the users, are used to do the promotions. When designing these badges, the business should put the customers who will wear the badges first. Thus, the badges should be appealing and cause no damage to the fabric of the wearer’s clothing.

Custom event badges
photo credit: Ruth Ellison / Flickr

For businesses that have not yet tapped into this strategy to do business promotions, there is a lot that they need to know. We have some insightful highlights that are worth checking out.

Where to Use Custom Badges

After some sessions of brainstorming among the upper management and marketing team, you will realize that there are many ways in which these badges can be used to promote your business.

  • Events and conferences – Designing custom badges for events and conferences is a great idea. It shows that your company has sponsored the event, and as they wear and walk around with the badges, many other people will see them.
  • Kids’ activities – Custom badges for kids’ activities also play a significant role in promoting your business. They work perfectly for companies that sell stationery, kids’ clothes, toys, and other related items. However, they can also work well for any other company since kids have a higher chance of wearing these badges for a long time if they are appealing.
  • Giving or selling them to customers in your shop – Yes, you may decide to take this direction with your badges. All you need is a corner table at the exit where you will give the custom badges to customers on their way out. They can also be sold in the gift section.

How to Make Ideal Custom Badges

The most important part is making the ideal custom badges. The Rocket Badge website is all you need if you want the best bespoke templates, expert advice, and even someone to make the badges for you.

So, when making the ideal custom badges for your company, it all starts by understanding where you want to use them since this dictates many aspects of the badge. For instance, custom badges to be used at a conference should be minimalistic to give a corporate look. The other important thing to decide on is the materials. Will they be metallic, plastic, or any other material? Decide well to strike a balance between durability, usability, and cost.

The design and message that is included on the badge go hand in hand. Remember that your theme colors and the logo are very important. If possible, use professional templates and designs that will fit all of the information without looking disorganized.

When everything looks just the way you want, it is time to hire an expert who will make them perfectly. As mentioned, they need to look neat to give people a reason to wear them.

Fancy custom badges


With all of these aspects rolled out, the badges will promote the business in a perfect way. According to researchers, a person who wears these badges increases exposure and thus the effect.