7 Ways Email Design Can Improve Email Metrics

Email campaigns are one of the most important and (still) necessary ways of marketing today. Sure, you might think email is over, but the exact opposite is happening, with millions using it daily! That’s why it’s crucial to start building your email marketing campaign, thinking about how you’ll deliver your messages and to whom.

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One of the most important elements of your email marketing campaign is the overall design of it. Yes, even the way your emails look will play a huge role on the overall campaign results! How?

Continue reading, I’ll be relaying you the different benefits and ways email design can improve email metrics.

Seven Ways Email Design Can Improve Email Metrics

Yes, the way your emails look matters if you want to show your brand and your products or services offered. With proper design, you can definitely get your business out there and gain more traction! Here are the seven main reasons why the design can help with the overall metrics:

  1. 1. You Can Track the Email Metrics

If you aren’t tracking your metrics, then what do you need to achieve? For marketers who don’t even know who their target audiences are or how they respond to your engagement efforts, then you won’t have a way to refine your email marketing strategies.

With proper designs on emails, it can allow you to track open rates of your campaigns. This allows you to see if your design helps with the open rate and clicks, even the list growth and overall engagement of your subscribers. That way, you can improve your strategy based on how your emails are designed, among other elements!

  1. 2. More Interest and Better User Experience

A well-designed email will always have relevant images, videos, or animated imagery. Why?

Because people’s brains have the ability to recognize photos in less than a second! We are now able to respond faster to images and media compared to text, and with the well-designed email with proper photos and the like, you can get their attention and keep engagement open, which helps with the click rate and conversions.

You can include stock photos, or better yet, professional photos taken exclusively for your company. You can also put in informative videos related to your company or industry!

  1. 3. Stay Consistent With Branding

Branding is extremely crucial when you want to ensure that your customers stay loyal and come back. After all, how can people stay enticed with what you can offer if they don’t know who you are, or if you constantly change colors, logos, or products offered?

Email design plays a huge role in branding because you can design the template using Designmodo free email templates according to what your business represents or how you want it to look like. Through consistent email designs, you maintain your brand, which keeps your customers engaged, from the design aesthetic to typographies you use.

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  1. 4. Deliver a Better Personalized Experience

A whopping 94% of businesses report that personalization is crucial to their success. You are able to use email designs to make it personal, by adding the basics like their name. Or, you can bring it up to the next level and segment lists, adding their location and action-based personalization.

Through emails that also focus on the customer as an individual, it can raise interest and trust, building a connection between you and the reader. In return, they would most likely open the emails you send and click the call-to-action immediately!

  1. 5. Increased Conversion and Click-to-Open Rate

Proper email and landing pages focus on mobile optimization, ensuring that everything is compatible throughout all devices. This is especially important considering that millions of people use their phones to check their emails today. If you have a non-responsive email design, people are more likely to close your messages before it can even load!

When you ensure that you have a beautiful and responsive email design made for computers AND phones, the better the results will be for your readers. They will be likely to open your emails and stay, having the readable design and an efficient call-to-action made to whatever device they use.

  1. 6. Offer Better Sales For the Business

When you’ve already captured interest of readers through well-designed emails, the more inclined they are to make purchases of their devices. Why? Well, a designed and responsive email is easy to navigate around with and has the enticing content that makes them want to learn more!

That way, you can achieve any goal, may it be getting them to purchase products or services, or having them click through websites for more views. Think of it this way: Your readers are more inclined to make a purchasing decision when they can read through what you offer and see that it’s worth it with beautiful imagery and good content.

  1. 7. Reduce the Unsubscribe and Spam Complaint Rates

If emails don’t display well across devices, then the more likely readers will unsubscribe from it or send it to spam folders. That’s an email reputation killer! This is most likely because:

1. You have unresponsive emails that take long to load on mobile devices

2. Your email design isn’t enticing enough or consistent with the business

With good designs, you can create a great impression and lessen those negative rates.

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In a Nutshell

While there are other crucial elements to look into with email marketing, its design is still very important. With proper design, the more people will be hooked and the most likely it can lead to conversions! Once you’ve got the ideal design that suits your brand, you can move forward with the content and other technical matters of the campaign.

Hopefully, my take on the importance of email design informed you well on email marketing! Start looking into tools like email builder to improve your email marketing campaign success now.

Do you have questions or would like to comment on experiences with email marketing? Share it below, I appreciate all thoughts!