Don Forman Las Vegas Communitarian And Businessman

Don Forman Las Vegas businessman is known for his humanitarian and charitable endeavors. In fact, the owner of United Nissan and Tustin Nissan in California continues to give back to the community as a whole. As a seasoned and reputable businessman, Don is also a philanthropist who has partnered with the Fox5 Surprise Squad since 2014. Together, they have helped people from all walks of life and economic-socio backgrounds.

Helping hands

This includes the touching story of Glen Zani who wanted to build crosses at sites where mass shootings had occurred. Sadly, Glen lacked the finances and equipment to put his ideas into fruition. When Don heard about this amazing initiative, he sprang into action and gifted Glen the money and resources to build and transport crosses to chosen sites. With Don’s financial and moral support, Glen was able to build and place crosses at places of national tragedies: Sandy Hook, Route 91 Harvest Festival, Aurora, Colorado — theater shooting, and other venues.

Don Forman Las Vegas humanitarian also helped a young lady who offered to take an autistic boy to homecoming. Along with the Fox5 Surprise Squad, Don helped the young man receive an educational scholarship. Don and his team even surprised Las Vegas shoppers at Albertsons with free Thanksgiving turkeys back in November 2017. Similarly, Don made it possible for two young men to meet their bull-riding icons. They were able to attend a bull-riding match courtesy of Don and the Squad. These acts of kindness cement the fact that Don Forman will always be there to help anyone in need.

As a Las Vegas businessman, Don Forman and his neighbors still feel the effects of the 2017 casino shooting. During this tragic event, Don Forman’s United Nissan employees helped ferry victims of the massacre to local hospitals. They also set up a camp for the victim’s families, friends, and loved ones. Don worked with other volunteers and teams to help families that lost loved ones that day. Similarly, he and his employees helped injured victims get immediate medical care and support they needed. Don Forman also gave time off to his employees so that they could care for their own families during that trying period.

Don Forman — The Force behind Fox5 Surprise Squad

Don Forman partnered with the Fox5 Surprise Squad to bring happiness and joy to people’s lives. Along with American First Credit Union and Vons, Don finances the Squad’s charitable and philanthropic endeavors. This includes the camera team and reporters that bring smiles to many faces. The team also has a great following on YouTube with millions of viewers watching their humanitarian acts of kindness.

Don Forman believes in giving back to the community and partnering with local and national charities. In fact, he has — and continues to make generous donations to fund school projects. He also gave vehicles to a group of girls who needed transportation to study at college. With the goodness of humanity, Don continues to be a beacon of excellence in both his business and charitable drives.

In this time of uncertainty and division, Don Forman Las Vegas has set the perfect example for people to follow. That is, of course, giving back to communities and never asking for anything in return. It’s this passion, kindness, and generosity that has made Don a notable figure here in the states and abroad.

While Don is a successful businessman, he believes in empowering the community to help them achieve their dreams. This is why United Nissan and Tustin Nissan are much more than vehicle dealerships. They are places where folks can meet each other and discuss helping those in need. This is the human spirit and essence that Don and his colleagues capture so eloquently.