How to Make the Right Logo for Your Brand (Infographic)

Whether you’ve been running your business for ten years or you’ve been thinking about starting a business for ten days, there’s one marketing tool that needs your attention: the logo.

Logo designs are more than just a cool symbol to make your company’s signage and website look pretty. They’re crucial for helping customers recognize your brand at a glance. Your current customers are much more likely to buy a product if they see your logo on it, because they already trust you. And most potential customers have made purchasing decisions based on a brand’s logo—meaning that a good design draws them in while a bad design pushes them away.

Many brands create a logo based on a few vague requirements and a whole lot of opinions. But if that’s the case, your logo isn’t doing as much for your brand as it could be. If you want a truly successful business, you’ve got to learn how to create a logo that helps your marketing instead of hurting it.

This resource from Company Folders will reveal the seven secret ingredients you need to create an amazing logo that really works for your brand. Their creative team is also ready and waiting to help you through the design process; their logo design services will make your dream into a real working logo.

Logo design recipe - infographic