Business Cards: How to Make a Great First Impression (Infographic)

When you meet someone for the first time, it takes them three seconds to form an opinion of you. To make sure that first impression is good, you’ll need to design a custom business card.

Business cards cater specifically to snap judgment situations. Those are times when potential clients or investors meet many people at once, forcing them to make decisions about you in a hurry.

While snap judgments may not seem fair, they’re actually rooted in basic human instincts. Early humans’ survival depended on their ability to quickly judge between a threat and a benefit—and that included judging the people around them.

The people you meet at networking events aren’t defending the cave, but they are defending their careers. A custom business card is the best tool for convincing them to let their guard down for your brand. That’s because business cards build trust quickly by introducing you and your brand in a digestible, entertaining way.

Business cards that don’t portray you accurately will burn your connections in the long run, so you’ll need to take every step possible to make sure your design is true to your brand identity.

The resource below is a great place to start. It illustrates how to customize your business card—from contact information to manufacturing material. Once you have a design in mind simply contact a custom business card designer that can help you turn your idea into a reality.

Business card design tips - infographic

Cover photo credit: Flickr