The Best Business Cars on the Market

Image management is vital for surviving in the business world, but your image isn’t just limited to your clothes and hair, or even your mannerisms. Everything that surrounds you reflects on your character and the quality of your work, from the stationary you use to the car you drive.

We’ll be focusing on that last aspect here, comparing some of the best business cars on the market in terms of style, performance, and practicality and letting you know how to put your best foot, or in this case wheel, forward. Executive cars tend to be on the expensive side but you can always find and older model through sites like Unbeatablecar Supermarket.

BMW 3 Series

BMW 3 Series 2017

You can’t beat a BMW for style—the 3 Series is square-cut and serious, but still with the aerodynamic silhouette of a sporty luxury car. It’s a little cheaper than its nearest rival, the Jaguar XE, and gets great fuel economy, making for major savings on fuel and tax. It also really delivers on performance, comfort, and handling, to deliver the feeling of power and control essential for a business car.

Jaguar XE

Jaguar XE 2015

Once upon a time, if a high quality executive car wasn’t German, it was a Jaguar, and the old stalwart has returned with a rival for the BMW 3 Series. The sleek design full of rounded edges won’t resonate with everyone, but it handles gloriously and offers comfort to match. It’s competitively priced for its class, and economical to run, so it’s a good choice all around, though it’s not the best car for raw power.

Mercedes E-Class

Mercedes E Class

A strong on road performance with plenty of power and customisability, along with its chic, classical sense of style makes the E-Class a strong contender. It also has one of the sleekest and most complete infotainment set-ups out there. Its fuel efficiency is pretty good, but not enough to offset the considerably higher price tag, so you have to consider whether everything else is worth the difference.

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

The sleek and unique look of the Model S pulls of curved edges in a way that puts the Jaguar XE to shame, and will make you rethink electric cars. In terms of performance it’s been compared to a sports car and it has an interior to match. Again, though, the price tag may be a deal breaker for some at over £50,000, even though the fuel costs are comparatively low on electric vehicles compared to diesel or hybrid cars.