How to Successfully Manage Large Numbers of Staff

It can be a fantastic thing to say you’re operating a business that encompasses a large number of employees, and no doubt such large numbers have a great impact on the abilities of your business as a whole. Having said this, it’s important to take into account vital factors when managing large numbers of staff, such as budgetary requirements, managing files and organising payrolls.

Large office with many employees

So where do you begin? Well, thankfully there are a few practical means of managing staff without having to go to drastic financial lengths. If you’re faced with the task of successfully managing a large volume of staff members, the following are just three tips that need to be taken into careful consideration.

Create a Payroll System

If you find your business to be expanding dramatically from humble roots, you may have not yet considered a payroll system. An effective payroll system is very important when managing large numbers of staff, and can really be a huge relief from the traditional task of punching numbers into the calculator.

Accounts software packages are affordable and a lifesaver in any business’s administration. They have an endless list of beneficial features, including the ability to calculate tax, pensions and any other bonuses or deductions effectively and most include the provision of telephone support, password protection, net to gross calculations and the production of a variety of reports.

ID Cards

One of thecleverest pieces of equipment that you can provide yourself and your employees with is a digital ID card. It can regulate clock-ins, access to certain areas or software, storage of staff data and so much more. When running a large operation, it makes total sense to purchase your very own card printer, and nowadays with the massive technological advances, plastic ID card printing has never been so simple.

There is an assortment of printers out there to suit a variety of business requirements, be it needing to print a large volume of cards in a short period of time, or requiring cards that can store a lot of data with ease.


Investment in training is paramount to the running of any big business, but this is especially true where large numbers of staff are involved. Training up staff can mean greater control over smaller subdivisions of staff, and can also mean transferring the ability to manage the business to others. It also provides staff an opportunity to grow within their career, and can make them feel a true sense of worth as a member of your business.

When training, be sure to create programmes that are easy to follow, and that will remain effective for future training purposes. Trainers, booklets, excel tracker spread sheets, inductions and presentations are just some of the many ways that one can go about training staff effectively, be it a large number of staff or a smaller group of staff tasked with the opportunity of managing large numbers of staff.

There are so many other ways of effectively managing a large team, but these three points are perhaps the most effective, and the most easily implemented. No matter what your volume of staff, it’s important to remember their value and contribution to your business as a whole so make sure to invest wisely in this area.