Tips for Marketing a Law Firm

If you run a law firm and are concerned about your lack of new clients and cases, you’re probably not doing enough to properly market your business. Many times, companies overlook the importance of public relations and marketing because they think that their work will speak for itself, and clients will simply come knocking. There are things that you can do for your business in order to better market your company in house, or you can choose to hire an outside company to handle your marketing, as well as your legal public relations.

Law firm marketing

For example, Berbay Marketing and PR consider themselves experts in marketing for law firms as well as legal public relations. Berbay understand the legal industry and the target market well enough to handle your business development plans and help increase your client base in a focused, dynamic way.

Marketing Takes Time and Money

One of the many tips for marketing your law firm has to do with the amount of time and money you put into business development. Based on research findings regarding marketing, a business should devote around 200 hours a year to general business development. This breaks down to about four hours a week. Sometimes, this may be too much for a company to do, which is why some choose to hire professionals, like those at Berbay. These hours can be devoted to something as simple as meeting potential leads for coffee or lunch, or going to a trade association meeting.

In terms of money, it’s suggested that you spend about 2.5 percent of your firm’s gross revenue on marketing. This amount would not include any payments made to professional marketing firms. It is more toward the actual leg work of marketing, like taking clients out to lunch meetings, visiting clients, attending events, and similar activities.

You should also be sure that you’re not spending money on marketing techniques that can’t be measured. For example, if you’re spending a lot of money on advertising but have no way to track the results of your advertisements, this is more than likely a waste of money, since you’ll never know if it’s working. Stick to marketing techniques that you can track.

Using the Internet

The internet provides you with channels when it comes to marketing your business. Online marketing is more than setting up a website with your general information, and then sitting back waiting for clients. You should take to social media to reach more potential clients. You should consider PPC, organic SEO marketing, and banner ads. You should also place a video on your current website and perhaps YouTube.

A video of your services or company mission has come to be expected by internet users, thanks to the popularity of YouTube and similar websites. Your video will show a human side of your company through the personality of those in the office, and your general business style.

Clients and Referrals

Another tip for marketing your own business is to use your current clients to spread the word about your firm. Your current clients are clearly happy with your firm and trust your work. This makes them more likely to want to refer their colleagues, friends and family to you. To ensure client satisfaction you should meet regularly with your clients and invite them to company events to show them that you value their business. They’ll tell their friends and family about your treatment toward them, which very often leads to new clients.

You’ll also want to create referral sources. This is where most law firms get their business, but the firm always has to work for it. Besides getting referrals from your clients, you’ll want to get referrals from other professionals in similar industries, like brokers, accountants, and even other law firms that may deal in different sectors of the legal industry. These professionals are likely to come across people who are in need of your firm’s services.

By following these simple marketing tips you can increase your client base and improve your firm’s legal public relations. Try using these tips in addition to hiring an outside company.

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