How to Recruit The Right Employees for Your Business

Recruiting the right talent for your team can be a difficult, frustrating, and time-consuming process. The use of technology makes it easier to reach out to a wider audience or, the use of HR onboarding software help can make it easier for you to attract better candidates and provide a smoother application process.

Recruitment process

Understanding your recruitment strategy

A recruitment strategy is a clear plan of action that details the roles you need to recruit for, alongside timelines and strategies of how to do so. It should relate to your company objectives and be realistic, clear, and easy to communicate. A clear strategy should help you to successfully and efficiently identify, meet, and employ the best candidates for the role. There are simple ways to advertise jobs such as posting on websites, groups, or forums, using recruitment agencies, employee referral programs, or HR onboarding software.

Inspiring job descriptions

There are so many job adverts out there, it’s important to make sure yours is eye-catching and interesting. To ensure you attract the right candidate, make sure your title and the description that follows is as accurate as possible. Open the advert with a concise and captivating summary to entice the candidate. Include core responsibilities, detail day-to-day tasks as well as how the position fits into the team and organization. Click the link for more tips on how to write an engaging job description.

Encourage an employee referral scheme

Often you’ll find the best candidates through word of mouth and other employees. A reliable employee referral scheme can encourage your employees to refer any talent they may know in return for incentives such as additional bonuses or rewards.

Recruiting employees

Social media

The use of social media in recruitment can be fast, reliable and further your reach. Sharing posts can be a fast way to spread the word about a new and exciting job role. It’s also a good way to share photos and video clips about the business, company culture and give potential applicants an insight into the business.

Value and respect each candidate

An interview is a two-way conversation, even if you’ve had hundreds of applicants, you still need to make sure you treat each interviewee with respect – a candidate’s first impression of the company is lasting. It’s important to make them feel valued and that you’re excited about meeting them and finding out more about them, so they feel they are being considered for the role. It’s crucial to be respectful of their time, be hospitable, and available should they need to contact you after the interview with further questions or concerns.

The interview process

Sometimes it’s helpful to include a peer in the interview process, someone who has previously worked in the role (or a similar position) or someone who would work closely with the new candidate. As the employer, you may know what it takes to excel in the role, and having a previous candidate as a comparison can often be helpful. Current employees can also give an accurate reflection of the role and general day-to-day challenges, giving the candidate a more accurate understanding of what to expect should they be hired. When you decide on the right candidate consider using new employee onboarding software to keep errors out of the hiring process.