How Brandwatch Is Stepping up from Social Monitoring – to Find a Much Greater Opportunity

Brandwatch, one of the leading social media monitoring tools is lately performing research on monitoring fake reports and analyzing talks about Game of Thrones. There are 2 latest acquisitions which have sharpened this company’s goal and taken it forward. They even revealed that this social media monitoring company will work with Crimson Hexagon (a competitor in the social media monitoring field). The head of the Brandwatch media monitoring tool said their aim is to come up with a different type of intelligence that resonates with what the clients want.

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Merging Brandwatch and Crimson Hexagon media monitoring companies

The merging of Brandwatch and Crimson Hexagon social media monitoring companies might have invisible connotations. The well-known Clive James at one time described the merging of two companies in the nineties was similar to a falling person working with a cheat. The good thing is that Brandwatch is satisfied that both social media monitoring entities are ready to work hard.

Brandwatch social media as a marketing tool is looking forward to purchasing Crimson’s arch competitors and their merging is how great the media monitoring systems are. The organization’s NYK Chicago activity that is expected to start is the perfect time to demonstrate their dovetailing. A few chosen attendants will also see the prototype of the expected product.

Primarily, it is taking the ML and Artificial Intelligence capability which Crimson media monitoring company is good at and their outstanding ancient data archive. What people like about Brandwatch social media software Analytics was how flexible the platform was and how one can slice and dice media monitoring data in any manner to have a friendly and interactive user experience.

It has been fun making it possible. Brandwatch social media tracker is in fact on the cusp of modifying the industry since nobody else has the required technologies that the company now has.

Recently, they acquired Qriously. This is the software which SaaS market research talked about a few months ago. The positioning is very interesting. It was revealed that it is capable of changing the monitoring of market research and will bring great social media developments. This is after combining Qriously mobile monitoring technology with the detailed social media monitoring archive of Brandwatch.

That makes sense for Brandwatch social media monitoring company because market monitoring boomed forty to fifty years back and there have been no major changes since then. The good thing about this is that it is quite robust and truthful thus resulting in a lot of decisions in the globe. However it is not quick, it is prompted and not unprompted. This brings biases into the answers of individuals and it is not affordable to do.

What Brandwatch Company wants

Brandwatch social media monitoring company is after 2 things, the first one is to assist all clients to answer queries well and the second one is to grow the larger market. They are looking forward to break out of social intelligence. Their objective is to assist the clients to come up with good decisions by creating a powerful type of intelligence.

There is an example of how the prompted and unprompted ways can function in tandem, for example, in performing market monitoring about casino games free. The feedback received paint the picture but through pressing a button and polling customers in real-time, you are able to switch from passive to active. You will also gleam a good context in the line of question. It is just massive. Market monitoring is much bigger compared to social intelligence. It is a great chance to become a digital disruptor.

This change is not just about toolsets of best social media for business but also about what companies can provide via them. The initial times were nice and simple; things were great and less complicated. Brandwatch social media monitoring company had one hundred and thirty individuals. Its largest rival Radial6 had been purchased by Salesforce and it was still in the initial days where growth was plenty, globalization was high and there was a lot of development too.

It is so obvious that it has matured now. Some very large companies are utilizing social media monitoring data and different other kinds of details such as those about the weather, inventory, and point of sale. They use all that data to come up with meaningful business decisions. This feels like it has matured and become more mainstream, more mysterious and more global.

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What the merging of Brandwatch and Crimson Company will achieve

As the users become familiar with social media monitoring and as the platform grows, expectations also become high. Marketers in the current brand are in a business that is continuously in real-time. It has become quicker; customer backlash is now bigger. There is a true premium on offering clients things they are interested in.

Besides the activities on Brandwatch media monitoring company, it is supporting the DMWF Worldwide in the United Kingdom. The attendants will get additional details on the developments of it’s coming together with Crimson Hexagon social media monitoring company. This is something worth their time considering the rivalry’s moves in response. Brandwatch social media monitoring company had even shared a message from a client of an alternative social media monitoring company. The email highlighted the great fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) mail indicating that the merging of companies often ends up causing disasters.

Combining 2 social media monitoring tools is difficult but they are expecting to go above bringing together the best of both social media listening tools. Resources from both companies will help in coming up with something which will take the industry through innovation and integration.


This is how Brandwatch and Crimson Hexagon social media monitoring companies are planning to improve their social media monitoring activities. We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Please write to us if you have a question or some suggestions regarding these top social media platforms.