5 Healthcare Businesses You Can Start Today

If you’ve got an advanced degree in healthcare, such as a master in public health, you might be thinking about starting your own business. Even without such a high level of education, there are options available to you, some more traditional than others. Here are five you could start up right now.

Yoga class

1. A Health Care Blog

Blogs are often overlooked as just a hobby. However, done right, a blog can earn you a full-time income. There are many ways to monetize a blog, from advertising to affiliate marketing. If you have got a master of public health degree, your level of knowledge would make writing informative articles for a blog simple. Use your blog to share information, ideas, healthcare tips, and first aid advice. You could even go for a specific healthcare niche.

2. An Alternative Healthcare Centre

Alternative medicine is increasingly popular. Why not start a center offering alternative advice and treatments? This could be anything from herbal remedies, to yoga classes for relaxation. If you have knowledge of or interest in an area of alternative medicine, this could be the way to go. Many people turn to alternate healthcare before they see a doctor, as either they don’t have insurance, don’t want to waste doctors time, or just don’t like the idea of taking medicines unless it’s absolutely necessary.

3. First Aid Kits

First aid kits are a necessity. You could start an e-commerce business, specializing in different kinds of first aid kits. From one specially designed to fit in a baby changing bag, with everything a baby and new mum might need, to a funky designed one for students to keep in their lockers that they won’t be embarrassed to be seen with. Everyone needs a first aid kit. But not everyone needs the same products inside it, or wants the same old boring design.

Home care service
photo credit: Ralph Zuranski / Flickr

4. Home Care Services

People want to stay in their own homes. Whether this is the elderly, or a young person with mental health issues, no one wants to live in a care home. Equally, they don’t want to become a burden to their families. With the average age of the population increasing year on year, there is a great need for home health care providers, to help people stay living in their own homes.

5. Nutritionist

With so much conflicting advice out there about what we should be eating and drinking to stay healthy, what exercise we need to do to keep fit, and what we should never eat, you could be a trusted source of information. Consider writing a blog full of great content to show how much you know on the subject. Then hire out your services as a consultant. People generally do want to be healthier; they just aren’t always sure how to go about it. Be the person that shows them the way.

Starting your own business can be challenging, but incredibly rewarding. Choose a business that appeals to you and your knowledge base. Do your research and have a go. What have you got to lose?