4 Ways to Make Your New Office Safer

Safety isn’t always at the forefront of an entrepreneur’s mind. It should be. While most people associate office safety with outdoor work, there’s a lot that could go wrong in an office environment as well. As a business owner, you are responsible for the safety and well-being of your employees. While office accidents are rare, it’s worth taking the effort to make your workplace safer.

Here are four ways to make your new office safer:

Fire exit sign
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Regular Training

In an office, safety boils down to staff behaviour. Faulty equipment and bad wiring may be a bigger threat at a construction site. But with desk jobs, it’s often a lack of proper training that puts people at risk.

Massive corporations have regular health and safety training for staff. Everyone is scheduled in for a regular training session. This helps explain the dangers and ways of avoiding risk at the workplace. This sort of ongoing training is absolutely necessary. It helps reinforce safe practices and also demonstrates to staff how seriously you take their well-being.

Proper Tools and Equipment

Another big risk is improper equipment. Faulty chairs, old trolleys and deteriorating machinery could all prove dangerous if not fixed. The best way to deal with this risk is to get rid of old equipment at regular intervals. The desks at the office, for example, could all be replaced once every ten years or so. It also pays to pick furniture and office equipment with safety in mind. Go for the orthopedic-approved chairs so that your employees don’t end up with backache. Ask for power tools that have safety features built in, drawers that are short enough to reach and can be wheeled around. Get your staff equipment that can use to move heavy objects and buy a sturdy ladder for when the lights need fixing.

Safe Design

It’s human nature to cut corners and take a little risk to get things done sooner. Good design overcomes human nature. Your staff can’t be blamed for unsafe work behavior if the way your office is designed leaves them no choice. Poor lighting and bad wiring could be genuinely dangerous. Hire an expert to design your office with safety in mind. Make sure the cable is hidden away safely, the lighting is appropriate, the chairs support the spine and the cabinets are easy to reach. Also, make sure emergency systems are properly installed with fire resistant cable throughout the office so that in the event of fire you can quickly and safely evacuate the building.

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Maintain Cleanliness

A clean environment is usually a lot safer to work in. Badly managed offices pose the risk of triggering allergies or spreading infections. You must outsource the cleaning to a professional service that can take care of the place daily. Train your staff to wash hands properly after they come back from lunch or the washroom. A messy office reflects poorly on management and is a serious health risk. One area where hygiene is critical is the bathroom, of course. If you’re still using old, run-down bathroom partitions, consider replacing them with new ones to ensure proper levels of hygiene.

Don’t be complacent when it comes to office safety. As the owner or manager, the responsibility falls squarely on your shoulders. Follow these four easy steps and make your workplace a lot safer.