Five Things All E-Commerce Start-Ups Need to Know

Streamlining an e-commerce start-up is incredibly important to ensure the venture operates as effectively and efficiently as possible.


Here are five useful tips for all you e-commerce start-ups out there:

Apprenticeship Schemes

The UK Government has sought to improve employment opportunities for young people and inexperienced individuals seeking career progression. This has seen an increased emphasis on providing apprenticeship opportunities, offering employers significant benefits when employing the services of an apprentice.

A full time apprentice could be available for less than £100 a week and the employer could even be entitled to a £1,500 grant when taking on an apprentice – potentially paying their wages for the first four months of their employment.

An apprentice can help operate the time-consuming aspects of an e-commerce business including product packaging and CMS management – giving directors more time to concentrate on growing the venture.

Freelance Expertise

A successful e-commerce business requires a significant number of different skills from product sourcing to brand design, web management and customer service management. Employing full-time experts in these areas may not be financially viable, but seeking the help of freelance professionals can be a cost-effective method to completing all business tasks in a professional manner.

People Per Hour – check out the website here – is an online hub full of a wide range of different freelancers with an incredible range of skills and disciplines. Many of these professionals will charge as little as £5/hour for their services.

Cost-Cutting Courier Services

One of the biggest overheads for the majority of e-commerce start-ups is delivery and courier costs. Cutting these costs can significantly and consistently increase your profit margins – allowing you to price your services more competitively or increase profitability.

Different courier services offer different prices and deals for packages and services of varying size and weight – meaning you could benefit from utilising a selection of different companies. RapidParcel is the courier price comparison service which helps you determine which courier service offers the best rate for your deliveries.

Make Yourself Available

Customers sometimes prefer to eschew the services of the big boys and seek out smaller enterprises, expecting a more personable and expert service. Ensure you are always available to answer any questions or concerns your customers and potential customers may have about your company, services and products.

A dedicated phone line for the company with a 0845 number can help improve the communication lines between your company and customers, and improve the company’s professional image. Just0845Numbers can help you find a 0845 number for free.

Go Mobile

The number of people connected to the internet on a mobile device continues to grow with the number of people using their phone or tablet to browse the web expected to surpass computer or laptop connectivity by the end of 2014.

Building a responsive website can ensure your e-commerce business is easy to view, navigate and buy from on all devices ensuring you don’t miss any part of your potential market. A site which is difficult-to-navigate from a mobile device could deter potential customers from using your services, instead opting to buy from a competitor.

Photo credit: Maria Elena / Flickr