Enhance Your Corporate Events With a Selfie Frame

Looking to make your next work party or corporate event stand out? Then, why not boost staff morale, increase brand awareness and make sure that your event is unforgettable with selfie frames?

The selfie frame is an essential party piece that can give your next corporate event an on-trend overhaul. Here, we’ll discuss why they’re popular and how they can benefit your next work-related occasion.

Selfie frame at a corporate event
photo credit: ITG USA / Pinterest

Connections and interactions

It’s critical to the success of your business that staff feel comfortable communicating with each other. Placing a few selfie frames at your next work party venue can give managers a chance to interact with their staff on a more personal level, rather than simply in the office about business. If you’re taking part in a trade show or exhibition, your staff can even use them to interact with each other, or members of the public and potential clients at conferences — a great way to break the ice with style and personality.

If you’re at an event with multiple other brands, diversify your company by customising your selfie frame with your company logo — that way, the world can learn who organised the corporate event, which will spread positive brand awareness! If you get these images shared on social media, you could also attract a pool of new prospective employees.

Memorable moments

Have you ever looked at a snap and not known where it was taken or when? You can ensure that each occasion stands out from the rest with a customised frame. Is it your brand’s birthday? Have you had you most successful year to date? Whatever the occasion, customising a selfie frame to shout about it is a lovely touch for your staff to enjoy.

Of course, networking at any corporate event is essential if you want it to be worth your time. But forget handing out business cards and trying to recall faces, the selfie frame not only encourages guests and team members to join together and acquire new connections, but images you’ll take will also help you and staff to remember who was there and make connections on LinkedIn or similar platforms.


Ensuring that your staff have a good time and making sure that attendees of a corporate function are encouraged to engage with your brand, is a major part of any work do or business event. However, this costs money and prices can rise rapidly if not kept in check. With free customisation and free delivery when you order selfie frames, they’ll account for only a very small part of your company’s budget and can work to get everyone socialising without blowing your budget.

Selfie frame - Instagram
photo credit: Pinterest

Social media

For a business, a selfie frame can be a useful marketing tool to shout about recent success and attract employees and customers. There’s something about selfie frame images that people really engage with, which is why they’re popularly shared on social media, spreading brand awareness!

Go for something fun and current, like an Instagram selfie frame, and your staff will be more inclined to share photos of their selfie frame images on their personal accounts than they would with more mundane pictures. So, using these could help you get shared more widely.

If you opt for a selfie frame, you could actually significantly help your company. By sharing photos on your company’s social media channels, you’re showing your followers how important staff morale and building a sociable team is to your brand, as well as advertising the theme of your event — advantageous if you’ve made amazing profits or won a great partnership deal. Remember, even if some staff don’t upload selfie frame images themselves, they’ll likely be tagged in them by other people. Essentially, these images could significantly increase the possibility of attracting new business or employee interest.

Don’t miss this opportunity to boost your brand and its profit margin! Before finalising the details of your next corporate event or work party, check out the variety of templates available online.