Android Apps: 5 Ways Android Has Changed the Way Businesses Communicate

The Android app marketplace (also known as the Google Play Store) is full of handy business apps, both free and paid. While not every single app out there can be considered revolutionary, some of them are like a pearl amidst the dust, meaning they have, indeed, had a great impact on how businesses communicate in the present times.

A businessman is using android apps

So to shed some light on the worthiest of examples, here are some of the most groundbreaking Android apps businesses still take advantage of to this very day:

1. Task management

Have you been looking for a solution that allows you to communicate with your entire team from a single point? With the help of Asana, task management becomes a cakewalk. You can also use it to upload and download files and archive them in an organized manner. There’s also an assignment calendar, so it’s easy to get a good overview of who’s been assigned what and if there are any impending deadlines on the horizon.

2. Cross-platform file access

Being able to access your files from any platform you can imagine and share them with your business partners is a form of communication. With the help of Google Drive for Android, this has become a reality. Being able to update a particular file through your computer and immediately get access to the updated version through your phone is groundbreaking in terms of efficiency and makes the office life so much easier.

3. Voice communication

It’s hard to find an Android phone that doesn’t have Skype installed; after all, it’s what voice communication is all about, and if you have internet access, it’s completely free (unlike making a regular phone call, especially the long-distance sort). Many businesses all around the world are using it as the platform of choice for their meetings; its high-resolution video quality and screen sharing features make this a no-brainer.

Slack app

4. Text chat 2.0

You’ve more than probably heard about Slack, the world’s favorite text chat solution? You’ve guessed it, it’s available on Android as well. Recently, chat bots have become really popular because they truly streamline certain tasks and thus, improve the quality of our (business) lives. If you don’t have your own chat bot yet, you can hire an Android Development Company to create one for you. Reportedly, both the end-customers as well as developers very much enjoy using them whenever possible, and their use has skyrocketed in the recent year or so.

5. To-do lists

Why waste time trying to explain what needs to be done to every one of your team members or associates, if a handy to-do list board can do that much more efficiently and only needs to be set up once? Trello is the app of choice for all projects requiring a dedicated team. It allows you to set due dates and arrange tasks into appropriate categories and opens up an effective channel of communication. As of right now, it’s one of the most popular business apps on Android.


These Android apps are the epitome of what effective business communication is all about. Even though some of them are not free, they’re worth every penny. So what’s your favorite business communication app?