Across the Industries: 5 Ways Self Storage Can Help Your Business

Small business owners face a lot of challenges, but not having enough space shouldn’t be one of them. Whether the business is a start-up run out of a home garage or a local retail business operating a brick-and-mortar store, self-storage makes it easier to declutter the office, keep track of inventory, and stay organized. Read on to find out how.

Self storage for office

1. Reduce Clutter

Items like excess stock, old equipment, and documents that must be kept for records but don’t need to be accessed frequently can all leave offices and small commercial spaces feeling cluttered and cramped. Renting a unit at Storage West allows business owners to store items not needed on a daily basis off-site, making it easy to keep the space clean and organized.

Having a clean, organized space will look more appealing to customers or clients and will make it easier for employees to stay focused on their jobs.

2. Store Excess Inventory

Sell physical goods but don’t have the space to store excess inventory on-site? It makes much more sense to rent a storage unit than to risk losing customers to back-orders.

Since storage facilities offer convenient, flexible, 24-hour access, business owners can send an employee to pick up inventory when items start to get low instead of having to spend more money ordering smaller lots for more frequent delivery.

3. Keep Documents Organized

Even if a business does not need to keep excess inventory nearby, renting a storage unit is still a good idea. To ensure compliance with local and national tax laws and avoid the potential for legal issues, businesses must keep copies of important documents.

Businesses often keep both paper and electronic documents on file, but the paper documents take up a lot of space. Renting a storage unit lets them keep those documents safely off-site where they will be out of the way but easily accessible should they be needed.

Mini self storage

4. Store Equipment

Have equipment that only gets used at events like trade show exhibits or seasonal promotional events and don’t want to keep it on-site? A storage unit will provide a perfect solution for keeping it safe from the elements and out of employees’ way.

The ability to store large seasonal equipment, promotional items, trade show booths, and inventory can free up room in on-site storage spaces without requiring businesses to rent large equipment that would be less expensive if purchased outright or design new exhibition stands every year.

5. Facilitate Moves to New Spaces

Business owners who are planning to move to new offices or storefronts have enough on their plates without having to worry about keeping their goods and equipment safe and organized. Renting a temporary storage unit gives them the extra space required to ensure that everything goes smoothly whether the business is moving across town or to an entirely new location. It also costs much less than buying new desks, chairs, and office equipment or ordering new inventory for the store.

The Bottom Line

Self-storage units aren’t just for residential renters who want to get rid of clutter or store their lawn and garden equipment in the winter. They can also be incredibly helpful for small and mid-sized businesses that don’t have access to tons of on-site storage space.

Just make sure to find a storage facility that has excellent security and allows 24/7 access to goods to avoid any potential issues.