6 Tips for Setting Up a Productive Company Meeting

Probably, you are one of the victims of long and boring meetings. In the end, you say to yourself, “what a waste of time. At least I could have stayed at my business and landed some awesome clients.”

Honestly, you are not alone. Others have experienced the same. And the issue isn’t that the people who attend the meeting are boring. It’s just that there was no strategic plan that was laid down before the meeting was commenced.

Businesswoman leading a productive business meeting

Fortunately, you can make your business meeting a success, and you don’t have to be perfect. You only need to make sure that everything is going on as planned. It, therefore, becomes even easier when you can secure unlimited conference call to improve the productivity of your meetings.

Below are six tips for setting up a productive company meeting:

1. Maintain a Central Focus

The reason why most businesses aren’t fruitful is that they don’t have a central focus. This could be because the chair didn’t provide an agenda in advance, or the previous meeting wasn’t concluded right. Maybe, the members weren’t satisfied with the outcome. So, there is still some disagreement.

If that’s the case, it’s obvious that your business meeting isn’t going to be a success. As the chair, you need to provide every information about the meeting and make sure that the previous meeting has been concluded in the right way.

2. Keep Your Meeting Short

This happens quite often. Most chairs usually want meetings to take so long, which shouldn’t be the case. For your information, the concentration span of humans has reduced to eight seconds.

Meaning that when a business meeting takes long, there are high chances that most members will lose focus and become unproductive throughout the session. The simple hack is to keep your business meeting short and on point. That way, people will easily remember what was discussed during the meeting.

3. Give the Agenda

The best and most effective way to run a business meeting is letting the members know in advance what will be discussed in the next meeting. That way, they can have adequate time to prepare for the meeting.

If you provide the agenda on the same day the meeting is supposed to take place; the chances are that most members won’t be adequately prepared for it. Most of them will lose focus and remain unproductive throughout the meeting.

Motivating meeting

4. Motivate People

People love to be praised and particularly during professional sittings like meetings. So, if you can recognize work well done during your business meetings, you’ll motivate the members and keep them alive during the entire sessions.

As the chair, you can pick pile a list of members who have done recommendable jobs and give them a shout out during the meeting. Besides, you can always motivate your members by giving them allowances during your business meetings.

5. Establish a Clear Outcome

Every meeting should major on the buy-in from their reps. Therefore, you need to communicate a clear outcome for the members to improve individual performance. When your team can understand the relationship your sales objective and the meeting.

6. Close the Meeting With Action Steps

It is essential that you always close your meetings with action steps. Leaving or concluding a meeting without an actionable steps leaves the members undecided on what should be done next. It usually makes it difficult for the business to run smoothly because some issues are left pending.

Bottom Line

If you haven’t been having productive meetings, you should start having productive ones beginning today. The hacks above have been proven to work, and they can work for you too. Just make sure to try all of them and see which one best works for you.