6 Things That Are Sure to Destroy Workforce Engagement

Being the boss can carry with it a great deal of responsibility. You are in charge of making sure things run smoothly, averting disasters, and making sure that your employees are well taken care of.

There are certain things that everyone can agree on that make a boss good or bad. Being a good boss is beneficial to you as well as to your team, and it is great for your company. Here are six things to avoid if you want to keep up employee morale:

Annoyed kid

1. Not being Discreet

Morale can quickly be destroyed among employees if you do not take care to be discreet with them. If you have a criticism to make to a specific employee, try to take them aside and privately speak with them instead of calling them out in front of their co-workers. This will show them that you respect them enough to have a real conversation and that you are not just hurling insults or putting them down.

2. Not taking Responsibility

It can be difficult to keep track of the many responsibilities that you have as a boss. It can also be tempting to let one of your employees take the blame for you if something happens to go wrong, but a boss that can step up and take responsibility for their own faults earns the respect and loyalty of their team, which is something that can be hard to come by.

3. Being Unrealistic

When it comes to workforce engagement management, setting unrealistic goals and expectations for your employees is a big problem. Employees who feel overworked and constrained on a tight schedule do not perform as well as they would otherwise. Set realistic goals and timelines with your employees.

4. Making Threats

Making threats relating to job security or financial gain is never okay. As a boss, it is your responsibility to keep your temper in check. That includes not threatening to fire challenging employees. Instead, try setting up a meeting and outlining your expectations and consequences.

Critical boss

5. Being Critical

A good boss should take care to never be too critical towards their employees. An overly critical boss can destroy morale and leave employees feeling like nothing they do is good enough. Make an effort to watch your employees and pay them compliments when they do a good job on projects or take initiative during the workweek.

6. Not Offering Mobility

A common reason for unhappiness at work occurs when employees feel that they are stuck. To a certain extent, a careful boss can ease these feelings of restlessness by giving hardworking employees extra responsibilities and training. They can also keep a careful watch out for those employees who have earned raises or bonuses.


Taking good care of your employees is as important for their sake as it is for yours. Employees who feel like they are heard and appreciated and who have good relationships with their superiors are more likely to work harder and put in extra effort. A team that can work together and grow together is the ideal in any workplace. It is definitely achievable if you are willing to work a little harder to make yourself available and aware for your employees and their needs.