5 Side Jobs That Pay Well

All humans can agree on at least one thing – never having enough money. Whether you have a family to support, bills to pay or a wardrobe to fill in, there is never enough of it. However, there are ways you can earn some money on the side and still be able to enjoy your free time.

While you can simply get a part-time job, or start your own business, the less time-consuming solution might be using the skills or hobbies you already have and make money out of them. The process is simple: discover your skills and think about your interests and then cash them in. Here are some examples that can help you get the general idea.

Writing side job


Freelance writing can be lucrative, especially if you love writing and exploring different topics. There are many pay-per-post blogs, or you can even start one of your own, but, at first, you will have to promote it on social media. Later on, various companies might want you to sponsor their products, which will definitely pay off. Another way to cash in your writing skills is writing for other people. You can review the list of websites that pay writers for their work by visiting Writers in Charge.


If you know how to make jewelry, coasters, posters, dreamcatchers or anything else for that matter, then get down to work. Create your own Facebook page or a website, promote your products and start selling! Even if you’ve never had a similar hobby, you can easily discover some that don’t require much effort. You can watch YouTube tutorials and learn how to make picture frames, or you can visit the Friendship Bracelets website and start making bracelets by simply following patterns.

Graphic/Web Design

If you don’t know how to ask your boss for a raise or the timing simply isn’t right, you can improve your financial status by landing a side job that involves graphic or web design. If you have done something like this before, you can create and share the examples of your work, and eventually create your portfolio. This is another way to have your creative side pay off. You can design book covers, different websites, blogs, etc, and you can tune into Upwork.


You can also earn some extra cash by taking photographs and selling them, especially if you have an eye for beauty. All you have to do is buy a solid camera, improve your skills in programs for editing photos by watching tutorials and start taking pictures. Once again, you can create a Facebook page and promote your work in order to get more clients. Perhaps, you will become a professional photographer by taking pictures of weddings and different events in your town, or even work for a magazine. Another big advantage here is the fact that, nowadays, you can send your photos from anywhere in the world, so a travelling photographer might sound like an interesting idea.

Photo editing

App development

The best way to get started with developing apps is going through programming guides. Having acquired all necessary skills, you can solve different plug-in problems that have been bugging you, or use some software free of charge to create your own program. Usually, as a freelance programmer you can earn a large sum of money, especially if you can cope with emergencies, such as website crashing or hacker intrusions.

The list of possible side jobs goes on, and you can add whatever idea you have if you find a way to make money out of it. All you have to do is develop some skills that might pay off. However, if you already have a hobby that you love, there is no reason not to mix business and pleasure.