5 Reasons Your Link Building Campaign May Need Improvement

When you’re chasing after better search engine rankings, it’s easy to let your excitement get the best of you. But by keeping your expectations in check and sticking to the strategy you’ve outlined no matter what, some results are bound to follow eventually. By recognizing the most common link building mistakes we’re about to reveal, you’ll be well positioned to avoid making them yourself.

Link building campaign

1. You’re trying to rush things along

In the world of SEO, changes don’t just happen overnight. Search engines simply need a bit of time to discover the links you’ve built, and even then, these may need a little while before the impact on your search engine rankings gets noticeable. In extreme cases, months could go on without seeing any results, but that doesn’t mean that your link building campaign isn’t working. The newer your website is in terms of domain age, the more time it takes to see an impact.

2. You’re not getting the right type of backlinks

It’s easy to get discouraged if you’ve built a ton of backlinks and even waited for months without seeing any kind of improvement. But the thing is, you may be focusing on getting the backlinks from websites with a low authority in Google’s eyes, or they may simply not be related to your niche. Finally, it’s the editorial links that you should be after, as these tend to be more valuable. Without complicating it too much, generally, these are the links that are located somewhere towards the center of a webpage (as opposed to the sidebar or the footer).

3. The links are not diversified enough

If you’re trying to obtain backlinks by doing nothing else than more of the same, you’re probably making the pattern too obvious to see. A professional Link Building Service can help you get backlinks from various different places, even the ones you may not be too comfortable getting yourself (that includes the ones from press releases and social media posts). By having a diversified portfolio of backlinks, your link building strategies will appear much more natural, the lack of which may be the reason why your SEO campaigns haven’t been effective yet.

Creating content in a content marketing ecosystem

4. The content you provide is not valuable or useful enough

Let’s say you’re trying to get more backlinks by doing article marketing. Certain article directories, for example, have strict editorial guidelines in place based on which they decide which articles they’re going to accept. If there’s no value in the content you’re trying to contribute (or if it contains too many spelling errors or looks unprofessional due to other reasons), having it rejected due to unsuitable quality may be the reason why you’re not seeing any success.

5. You’re not spreading out your efforts over time

Building backlinks is a marathon, not a sprint. If you’re one of the people who think they can build a bunch of backlinks over the course of a weekend then stop their efforts completely, your SEO strategy needs some serious rethinking. Preparing lots of content in advance to gradually distribute over time is fine, as long as you’re drip-feeding it and not trying to burst it all out there at once.


Are you guilty of making one of these mistakes yourself? It is never too late to fix it. By doing so, you will be rewarded with better search engine rankings, more traffic, and more sales.